I have in various ways mentioned green smoothies in numerous of my previous posts, but I wanted to dedicate an entire entry to this powerhouse breakfast I frequently gulp down.  Green smoothies are the emblem of the ultimate healthy breakfast.  They are loaded with nutrients.  Packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and energy, a glass of green smoothie will leave your body feeling lean, green, and just like an eco-power-filled machine.  Green smoothies are perfect for consumption at anytime:  Before the gym, after the gym, after a night of too much indulgence, as part of a breakfast for a healthy appetite, as a snack, on the go, not on the go, while reading a book…okay you get the point.

The following recipe is my standard green smoothie creation.  I also experiment with numerous other fruit and green combinations, but this recipe is almost always at the base of the concoction I whip up.  The flavors of these three basic ingredients seem to blend perfectly together.  I typically try to use organic ingredients since everything going into the blender is raw, but even so, make sure to wash the produce well before using.  Feel free to add a protein to make it a more complete breakfast/meal (such as yogurt, protein powder, flax, ground nuts, etc.).  Also, don’t be shy about including any ripe or in season fruit you have on hand!

Grace’s Green Smoothie Recipe

-3 medium collard greens leaves, hand-torn into smaller pieces (about 2 cups, chopped)*
-6-7 strawberries, frozen
-1/2 apple, chopped (preferably a sweeter variety)
-Cold water, 6-8 ounces

*Feel free to substitute kale or spinach for the kale.  Spinach will create a milder flavor.

Place apple, then strawberries into a blender.  Add torn greens on top.  Pour water over the ingredients.  Blend until smooth, pulsing to help move around any “stuck” ingredients.  You may need to stop the blender one or two times and use a long spoon to push the ingredients further down towards the blade.  Pour into a tall glass.

Other optional add-ins:  1/2 banana, a handful of frozen cherries or blueberries, 2 circles of roasted butternut squash, mint, nuts, ground flax, yogurt, orange juice, green tea, vanilla, honey

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0 Responses to Classic Green Smoothie Recipe

  1. Simply Life says:

    I have yet to make one of this so a recipe is great -thanks!

  2. Often wondered about using Kale, but always default to Spinach because I think it may be too ‘stringy’ or coarse. How is the texture of this drink?
    When I am feeling a little flat and lacking energy, I usually dump a spoonful of Greens + in my smoothie. Now that Spring has arrived, I might consider planting some greens in the garden!

  3. I’ve never made a green smoothie, but I’ve had all intentions of doing it. They sound so refreshing. I also have only heard of making it with spinach. But great idea with the kale!

  4. Heather says:

    I’ve been making my green smoothies with oat or rice milk, 1 banana and 1 cup of spinach – I need to try some of your suggestions though.

    I love green drinks!

  5. Melinda says:

    Thanks for the recipe. I often have trouble drinking them because of the texture. I also have that problem with added powders to drinks.

  6. Mmmmm I LOVE green smoothies 🙂

    Off to make one now!

  7. Mari says:

    I love Green Monster and now that the weather is getting warmer, I can enjoy them EVEN more!

  8. kathleen says:

    Ooooh, I saw your link (now bookmarked) at Bitten, and that smoothie sounds wonderful! However, and this is a big one, does one really get as much nutrition from a drink, compared to if one had eaten the veggies and fruits juiced up to make it? When I had a juicer I was appalled at the quantity of pulp (tasteless) that I would have eaten if I’d chosen whole fruits and veggies. Or, is it that one consumes more if it’s just in drink form?

    When I buy smoothies I have to tell the barista to make it tart, not sweet! So many Americans have the sweet tooth.

    • Glad you found my site. Smoothies allow you to get the full nutrition and fiber. Juice on the other hand eliminates the fiber. And I agree, most smoothies made in America have loads of sugar added, and often syrups and other artificial ingredients.

      • kathleen says:

        Thank you! I guess I’ll try for a smoothie. Funny, though, some days a tangerine juice and yogurt just seems right!

  9. I juice greens every day. Your smoothie looks great . I’m going to try it tomorow with a scoop of protein powder after my workout.

    Best – Mike

  10. Nicole says:

    Yumm! I love the apple addition! I generally add berries to mine, too 🙂

  11. I love the color of green smoothies and green juice! I’ll have to make some again! 🙂 And thanks for your recipe!

  12. I LOVE that you used collard/kale. I honestly have thought to myself, “I wonder if this would work with kale”… And apparently it does!! I make a green monster with spinach and frozen blueberries everyday after I workout. I even make one for Nick sometimes! He likes them. I need to try it with kale sometime because I really love kale, even more than spinach. AND they have similar nutritional profiles. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. I’m always game for new green smoothie recipe! Now I just need to get a new blender that actually blends…

  14. Kristine says:

    What about adding protein? Powder, tofu? Any other ideas?

  15. Teniah says:

    Love this blog…I am a HUGE green smoothie fan. I also add barley grass and spirulina to mine.

  16. iwentwest says:

    haha ive been doing this lately, too!

    my favorite mix:
    chocolate soymilk
    1/2 banana
    tsp of PB
    lots and lots of chopped kale
    (+ whatever other fruit i may have on hand)

    i realize this might actually be more of a chocolate pb banana smoothie, but it’s delicious with the kale. ive also been experimenting with other veggies – ie swiss chard. ive heard great things about parsley, too!

  17. iwentwest says:

    i just reread and saw you mentioned adding butternut squash… how does it taste???

  18. Oraphan says:

    Your green smoothie looks wonderful! I’ve never tried strawberries and apple in my green smoothie before. It sounds like a great combo!

  19. Susan Shields says:

    I’ve been making green smoothies w/ collard greens and pineapple, apple, yogurt for at least 15 years. It’s my Aunt Eleanor’s recipe and it’s fabulous! Really starts the day out right.

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