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August 2010

An Unkept Garden

This is what a summer away will do to a garden.

The two plots of land below used to be in pretty good shape… Looks like my dad couldn’t handle our over-sized garden without me this summer. Two weeks spent with the entire family in Italy seemed to top it off and turn the garden into a jungle, literally.

I was soaked after my safari this morning. But, under all those monstrous weeds, I was still able to pull out a bag full of peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, okra, and squash. The corn patch is on the brisk of booming, and the onions, potatoes, and sweet potatoes are waiting to be stored. Happy to say I’m still taking a crapload of fresh veggies back with me to school!

Off to Philly this morning.


After spending two months in Europe, my journeys have sadly, but finally come to an end.  But certainly not forever.  I have no doubt that I will one day go back to Europe.  And revisit the countries I have grown such fond memories of this past summer.  And hit the many countries I still have yet to visit.

London and Italy were both incredible experiences that have begun to open my eyes to the world.  It has shown me both how similar and unique each individual culture is.  In the end, we’re all just humans who have grown up in different places.

On Sunday, just two days from the present moment, I will head back to Philly, move into my new apartment and get ready for classes to begin on Monday.  Where has the time gone?  Each summer slips quicker than the last.  Each summer also seems to surpass the last.

Between working with the CSA farm, traveling all across London, and visiting several gorgeous destinations in Italy, I couldn’t have asked for a better, more awakening past three months.

One thousand sweet potato plants, a few plates of tacos paired with a kick ass story, 15 something British candy bars, and a whole lot of pasta, wine, and breathtaking sights later, I am alas leaving the summer to start yet another phase in my life.  My life seems to be one bewildering multiplex of endless fascinating and illuminating changes.  Cheers to whatever comes next.

Bottoms up.

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