Spring Earth Day

I’ve left North Philly for the weekend and am already feeling entirely refreshed. The flowers are blooming in bunches and gracing the air with their sweet perfume. The grass seems to be growing greener by the minute, and the birds are at work replacing my normal symphony of traffic with a harmonious melody of chirps.  As Earth Day elapses, I am happy to be alive and able to enjoy all of the beauty our planet has to offer. Living in a fairly dirty city (and in my case, impoverished), where so many simply disregard their surroundings, tossing litter to the curb and spewing exhaust from unchecked cars, after awhile I find myself disheartened, desensitized, unable to remember what clean surroundings feel like. Look like. Smell like.  It’s inspiring and uplifting to be able to face such natural beauty once again, and know that even in the most tarnished of places, with enough work and education, similar surroundings for everyone are achievable. The beauty simply needs to be uncovered, and with a conscious awareness and helping hand from everyone, I have no doubt this is attainable.

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