National Salad Month

I do some blogging work for a wonderful Philadelphian nutrition counselor and educator named Emma Fogt.  My latest post was in celebration of National Salad Month.  Tis the season for salad, which is quite evident from the lovely heads of lettuce currently soaking up the rain in my garden.  Read the following post and get inspired to create your own seasonal salad!

May is one confusing month.  It’s often cold when you want it to feel like spring.  Or the air reflects a sultry summer day when you just wish it to be warm and breezy.  May makes you second-guess whether to choose iced coffee or hot tea, sandals or sneakers.

Sticking with its contradictory nature, the temperamental month has also been officially named both National Burger Month and National Salad Month.  However, there’s really no guessing involved with this contradiction.  It’s easy to choose which side to celebrate.

National Salad Month is certainly the way to go, giving you the perfect excuse to create more healthy and light meals for your lunch.  Plus, salads can often be thrown together rather quickly, as in the night before or morning of work, or as a last minute side dish for a more intensive meal.

Salads are also great because once you choose your base (lettuce, arugula, rice, etc.), you can pretty much pile anything else you want on top.  Leftover tempeh in the fridge? Throw it on.  Strawberries in season?  Add them too.  You get the picture.  You can easily turn a salad into a complete meal, full of protein and nutrients, simply by adding any variation of ingredients you have on-hand.  Add some low-fat dressing, and you have yourself a tasty and nutritious meal.

A true salad is more than just a bowl of leaves.  That bowl of leaves you begin with leaves endless room for creativity.

Click here to read the rest of the post and find “superfood” filled salad recipes via Emma Fogt’s blog!

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