The other day, my roommate picked up some Trader Joe’s vegan chorizo, which turned out to exceedingly surpass my expectations.  The meat-free chorizo came in a casing, a plastic one that is (as opposed to pig intestines), that held a spicy blend of deeply flavored soy crumbles.

Luckily my roommate went home for the summer and mistakenly left the remnants of her chorizo in the fridge for me to use.  Free food = win.  Free food that’s vegan and tastes awesome = WIN.

Since the chorizo is already infused with a spice blend, it doesn’t need much dressing up.  For this recipe, I simply paired it with a crusty baguette and a little cheddar cheese.  Melted in the oven and topped with a hint of fresh parsley, these turned out to be a huge hit.

The baguette rounds make great finger food, and thus are perfect for parties or potlucks.  AKA, looking for a Memorial Day recipe? Then try this. The appearance might just dupe your meat-lovin’ friends, and if you’re still hooked on meat, these will enthrall your own taste buds as well.  If you don’t live near a Trader Joes, I’m sure another soy chorizo brand would work, just be sure to look for one that has a crumbly texture and a pre-spiced flavor.

Cheddar Chorizo Baguette Melts (Vegetarian)


  • -3 oz. Trader Joe's vegan chorizo (one half link)
  • -5 oz. sharp cheddar cheese
  • -One 10 oz. French baguette
  • -1 Tbsp. parsley, plus more for garnish
  • -Olive oil
  • -Pepper


  1. Cut baguette into 3/4 inch rounds. Lightly brush one side with olive oil and sprinkle with pepper. Broil 15-30 seconds, until top side is crispy. Remove from oven.
  2. Flip bread rounds. Top uncooked side with thinly sliced cheddar cheese. Remove Trader Joe's plastic casing and crumble chorizo on top of each round. Return to oven and broil 45-90 seconds, or until cheese is melted. Sprinkle parsley on top. Serve.

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6 Responses to Cheddar Chorizo Baguette Melts (Vegetarian)

  1. Looks delicious and thanks for the inspration, however I will have to use real sausage 🙂

    “We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.” ~Alfred E. Newman

  2. Colline says:

    Yummy! A good idea for lunch 🙂

  3. Simply Life says:

    oh those are so cute and look delicious!

  4. Alisa says:

    I bet they taste as wonderful as it looks.

  5. Katie Briggs says:

    YO! serious trader joe’s chirizo is the best thing in the world! I love it so much. This sounds delishhh.

  6. For all the trips I’ve made to Trader Joe’s, I still haven’t picked up the soy chorizo yet… I just haven’t known what to do with it, really, but now I believe you’ve solved that problem. With a bit of Daiya for the cheese, these sound like savory bites of heaven!

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