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Tomorrow is my last day working my job at the CSA.  You can read about some of the memorable experiences I had at this place last summer, here.  Growing food, or at least observing how it’s done on a large scale, is a learning experience that would be beneficial to anyone.  Hellooo huge wake up call.

Anyways, for the past few weeks, while working on the farm I’ve also been working on acquiring a bug portfolio.  While they aren’t too good at sitting still, the critters have made for interesting subjects.  When you’ve got hours to spend outside, bugs become more than just nuisances.  At least for me.  Dare I say, natural entertainment at its best.  But don’t let my boss catch me saying that.  What’s entertainment to me is a pesky pain in the butt to him.

The photos aren’t perfect, but still pretty fascinating.  You can check out some of my latest here:  http://gracedphotography.wordpress.com/

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