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October 2011

Pumpkin-Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I couldn’t be happier with my second choice of the season for using pumpkin. As I said in my pumpkin waffle post, I’ve been bookmarking pumpkin recipes like crazy. This one was recommended by my friend Kirsten who has me wanting to move in with her to reap the delicious benefits of her late night baking.

Instead, I too enticed by the desire for a midnight batch of cookies, got to work setting my next can of pumpkin in action. I’ve actually never been a huge pumpkin cookie fan, so normally it wouldn’t have been second on my list for ways to use pumpkin. But when I saw the photos of these on Sweet Treats & More, brimming with oats and chocolate chips, my eyes had my stomach convinced that pumpkin cookies I must make.

Best choice I could’ve made. These are far superior to the sweet, cake-like pumpkin cookies I’m used to. The ones where I’m usually wishing I was eating a slice of pumpkin pie instead. Rather, these are full of irresistible, chocolaty deliciousness, with oats that add a real, chewy texture to the typical texture-lacking pumpkin cookie. Oh, and they’re whole wheat too. Who would’ve guessed? I went with white whole wheat flour and didn’t find any issue with density. The only thing I might add next time are a couple handfuls of walnuts for an even extra element of additively rich texture and taste.

Serve to a hungry stomach with a glass of almond milk.

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Roasted Pepper Garbanzo Dip

So I made this a little while back for a dinner party I was attending, and it was a huge hit. It was one of those recipes you end up memorizing mid-party after countless people ask you to tell them how it was constructed.

The creation was actually inspired by a little Italian restaurant in Baltimore called Paolo’s. The food at Paolo’s wasn’t anything to fully rave about, possibly why the place recently closed down, but their complimentary garbanzo dip was to die for. A garlicky mix of roasted peppers, olives, and chickpeas, served alongside warm pita, the dip was worth every dinner trip ever made to the restaurant.

Now that the place is closed (not to mention, I don’t make it down to Baltimore too often), all the more reason to test out my own pre-dinner, dip-making skills. With a slew of multi-colored peppers in the fridge (yes, purple included), I got to work de-crisping the peppers with a little help from the oven. I pulled it all together with some lime, cilantro, cumin, and garlic, a list I have now easily committed to memory with a little help from my friends.

Serve with warm pita, pita chips, or crackers.

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Whole Wheat Pumpkin Waffles

I took a trip to my parents’ house this past weekend. While my mom claims I was more interested in seeing the color-changing leaves than her, I did seize the opportunity to make both her and my dad a big Sunday morning breakfast. I also took advantage of the pumpkin she miraculously had waiting for me in the cabinet. One of the best parts of coming home is of course raiding the kitchen cabinets.

Good morning.

I’ve been going pumpkin crazy these past few weeks, more so on the computer than in my kitchen, as I’ve been perusing through tons and tons of pumpkin photos and recipes that have been gracing the front pages of blogs/websites. By the end of the day, I’m often convinced I should be eating pumpkin for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That probably wouldn’t be all that bad of an idea considering it’s packed with fiber, vitamin A, and a significant amount of iron. Although, then the orange puree would be bound to lose its novelty.

These pumpkin waffles were just that, a novelty. It’s not too many times a year I can say I devoured a plate of pumpkin waffles for breakfast. I first stumbled upon this idea on Prevention RD and of course was immediately sold. Pumpkin and breakfast– currently two of my obsessions– certainly sounds good to me.

These are a tad dense due to the whole wheat. However, rather making a reach for white flour and wasting away a ton of nutrients, just crisp them up a minute or two longer than normal in the waffle iron. Serve with a dollop of butter, toasted walnuts, and a drizzle of maple syrup, all of which I must say are mandatory toppings for this autumn meal.

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Candy Corn

Halloween’s just a little over a week away! Rather than spend all my time deciding what kind of costume to create, I decided I’d devote a little time towards something more my speed. Cooking, of course.

I’m actually not the biggest candy corn fan. When there’s buckets of Halloween candy around, my eyes are always on the chocolate. But when I came across this recipe, I couldn’t resist. How fun would it be to make homemade candy corn? Of course Emily, my fellow Philly food blogger, was as excited about this idea as me.

So together, we melted a little butter, sugar, and few other ingredients in a pan and got to work making 600 purple-and-yellow-striped candy confections. (Okay, maybe a few less because quite a few jumbo prisms made their way onto our plates).

The recipe below is actually entirely vegan. Hello, awesome! Unfortunately, I can’t attest to a taste comparison between the vegan version and the regular kind. Living in North Philly sometimes has its drawbacks, like when you’re trying to pick up some last minute vegan margarine at the local grocery store.  I ended up succumbing to using butter, but at least we were able to keep these babies gelatin-free.

Overall, this was a pretty painless recipe to make. And the results were definitely better than any store-bought candy corn I’ve ever eaten. Too bad homemade treats aren’t kosher trick-or-treat giveaways anymore.

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Roasted Apple Butternut Squash Soup

Crispness. That first flash of morning air swept across your face. That second sink into a Honeycrisp, juice dribbling down your chin. That third mahogany maple leaf, whirling to the ground. That fourth week of October, when autumn exclusively sets in.

Crispness is fall.

As much as I hate to part ways with summer, there is so much beauty in the days that lay ahead. Monochromatic forests. Classy sweaters and scarves. Foggy breathes and frosted morning meadows. Sculpted, field-picked pumpkins. Infrangible warmth of interlaced hands. And so much more.

I forget how much I actually enjoy autumn days. And of course, all of the seasonal produce that rushes in with it. In my latest, I combined butternuts and apples, which when roasted and blended, create a divine creaminess. A creaminess that pairs perfectly with all of autumn’s crispness.

Below, you’ll find an easy, two-step soup that just breathes early fall. Perfect to ease you into the first few days of true chilly weather.

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