Black lentils

Collard wraps are my new obsession. I wish I made the discovery a few years ago. Perhaps then I’d be a bit better at rolling them by this point…Thank you aluminum foil for keeping me (somewhat) clean on a regular basis.

I’m psyched to present my newest version of these. Can we just start off by discussing how beautiful those above lentils are?! Their bluish shimmer is so striking. How could you not want to put them with some butternut and wrap them tightly in an equally gorgeous green shell? The beauty of clean eating, I tell you. It feels almost too easy.

Butternut and Black Lentil Collard Wraps with Cilantro Pistou

I provided my office with lunch for the very first time this past week. (We’re a small team.) And thus, I also gave my co-workers their very first taste of collard wraps.

We’re a health-based startup, so needless to say, I was immediately given employee of the month. Kidding. But these wraps did go over rather well, and I foresee more collard wraps in their future. Woohoo! I’m always on a never-ending healthy eating revolution, so I love when new ideas are a hit.

Light and portable (with the help of that handy dandy aluminum foil, as mentioned above), these make for a great workweek lunch, one that will leave you feeling alert and ready to go. The cilantro pistou adds a tangy, almost Baja-esque feel with the help of a little cabbage for some crunch.

Butternut paired with avocado is also a new obsession of mine, as I feel both compliment each other’s butteriness. Find them here together, and let me know if you feel the same. (Sometimes I’ll just steam up winter squash, and melt some smashed, salted avocado on top once it’s finished. It’s heavenly, and oh so simple.)

I wouldn’t share just any recipe for my first time making lunch for my office. So trust me, this one’s a healthful delight. Maybe you can impress some friends with it, too. And start a collard wrap revolution with me. Enjoy!


Butternut and Black Lentil Collard Wraps with Cilantro Pistou

Butternut and Black Lentil Collard Wraps with Cilantro Pistou

Yield: Serves 4


  • -3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil, divided
  • -1 lg. onion, diced
  • -1 med. butternut squash, de-seeded and cubed
  • -1 jalapeño, minced
  • -1 Tbsp. cumin
  • -1 tsp. smoked paprika
  • -Salt, to taste
  • -3/4 cup black lentils
  • -1 cup water
  • -1 1/2 packed cups cilantro, minced
  • -2 med. cloves garlic, minced
  • -1 cup cabbage, finely chopped
  • -1/2 large lime, juiced
  • -1 large avocado, cubed and salted
  • -12-15 medium collard leaves


  1. In an extra large saute pan, heat 2 Tbsp. olive oil over medium-high. Add onions and jalapeño, and saute for 3-4 minutes, until edges of onions begin to brown. Stir in butternut squash, and cook another 5 minutes, until the squash gets a nice sear. Add cumin, smoked paprika and salt, to season. Stir, allowing to cook for another minute or so.
  2. Add lentils and water, and bring to a simmer. Let cook 25-30 minutes, or until lentils are tender.
  3. Meanwhile, combine cilantro, garlic, cabbage, lime, remaining 1 Tbsp. oil, and a dash of salt in a bowl. Set aside.
  4. When ready to assemble, place collard leaves on a flat surface. Place a heaping spoonful of squash/lentil mix in the center. Top with a generous spoonful of the cilantro pistou and scatter avocado on top. Fold bottom of leaf in, then curl left side towards the right and roll. I like to wrap in aluminum foil or plastic wrap for additional support.
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5 Responses to Butternut and Black Lentil Collard Wraps with Cilantro Pistou

  1. We’ve been making collard wraps a lot recently too! Aren’t they the best. I love the flavor combinations you chose here. Delicious!!!

  2. LifeVested says:

    Great recipe. The wraps were delicious!

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  4. Vicky says:

    Love the sound of these! Have never tried butternut squash with avocado together but sounds like a hit to me : )) Beautiful photos as well!

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