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Baked Salmon with Creamy Dijon Dill Sauce

Salmon with Creamy Dijon Dill Sauce

Another salmon recipe coming your way. This one’s surely graced the blog before, but seeing as though it’s a definite go-to of mine, I felt it worthy of a second post.

There’s something about yogurt (esp. Greek) that turns recipes into effortless creations. Overnight oats, stuffed baked potatoes, and this “cream sauce”, formed from a handful of ingredients stirred together in a bowl, are all great examples. Here, yogurt makes a surprisingly smooth, rich-feeling sauce without any heavy cream or butter needed. Another reason why the ingredient shines in my kitchen – it’s a trickster in all the right ways.

When it comes to the kitchen, there are definitely good occasions to be tricked and bad ones. Finding an empty pizza box put back in the fridge – killer. Discovering your cupcake is stuffed with peanut butter mousse – win. I’d say turning low-fat yogurt into a successful, creamy sauce undoubtedly goes on the plus side. You tell me your thoughts after giving this one a try.

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Miso Marinated Salmon

Miso Marinated Salmon

The last time I went to my sister’s house, she sent me home with a five-pound bag of miso. Three little kids in the house she can handle, but ten pounds of miso, that’s what she calls a struggle. Guess that’s what you get when you order miso from the Internet.

Good thing she’s down to five pounds now, and I’m fortunately up five of my own. What would I do without a handheld weight of miso?

Here’s what I am doing with it: Miso Marinated Salmon. After you get the ingredients assembled, this becomes such a simple recipe to execute. Slightly (but only a pinch) sweet and a little salty, this becomes a transformative marinade for salmon. I’m itching to try it out on tofu or on some other protein-based forum.


Though not pictured, I may suggest serving this atop brown rice. You could even snag a Tbsp. or two of the marinade to set aside (before adding the salmon) to drizzle over your rice. That’s an Asian pairing I will be cooking up soon. Considering I’m only ¼ cup down, I think I’ll have plenty of room left for more miso creations.

Miso Marinated Salmon

Any suggestions for how else to use the ingredient?

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Curried White Fish Creole

Life has been chaotic these past couple of weeks. I just got my first big girl job and then scrambled to find my first random roommate in my first 2-person apartment. Woah.

Between sleeping on friends’ couches and daily ponderations of post-grad life, I’m ready to be settled. However, I can sense this feeling won’t be pulling up to my new address anytime soon. After unpacking my last suitcase of running shorts and filling my new kitchen cabinets with cumins and curry powders, I still find myself left with a million and one questions. No one ever said the years immediately following college were ones filled with certainty. Even when you finally land that first job.

The meaning of my new life definitely has a slight feeling unmapped territory.

In college, you’re given a world of books and classes and obligatory homework. The mission—a degree towards a job you don’t yet need to name.

Then you reach your 30s and 40s, where little Johnny always keeps you busy and his mishaps always keep you talking—regardless of whether your coworkers want to hear about it.

But wait, what about that space between 22-years-old and thirty(ish)? Yeah, that space. The first period of time where no one gives you a projected plan and tells you what’s going to happen in the next two to five years of your life…Where you can’t read in a book about what might perceivably happen…What is the meaning of this moment in life? For some reason, answering this question with the simple response of “building my career path” doesn’t leave me satisfied. Though, perhaps that’s because I’m not yet quite sure where that path is taking me.

As I settle into the next phase of my life, I’ve begun approaching new recreational projects and deepening already established passions. This, I feel, is the direction I need, and possibly the answer to some of my questioning.

Balancing this quest and the daily 9-5 leaves me tight on time and seeking recipes like the one below. Simple, tasty, and low-stress. I love this creole because it’s so incredibly flavorful yet doesn’t call for a ridiculous list of ingredients. In fact, it’s the peppers and onions and tomatoes that really build this dish up, even more so than the curry powder. Through all of my current uncertainty, one thing is for sure—this one-pot recipe’s going on the repeat list.

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Dijon Herb Salmon

“There’s a worm in this kale,” I say rather nonchalantly as I prepare to plate myself a healthy portion from the pan. When dining in the early fall at my parents house, don’t be surprised to find a dead worm in the steamer basket. “Oh, it’s that time of year. Just pick it out, it won’t hurt you,” my dad likes to tell me. Just another natural part of living from the garden, I suppose.

But then I find another worm.

And another.

And another.

I don’t know why I even continued to take the prongs and move the leaves around in the pan because by the third worm, there was no way I’d be putting any kale onto my plate. My parents on the other hand, they went right on munching on the leafy greens. A little “protein” they like to say, just in case one slips into their stomach.

Luckily, I prepared the rest of the meal for the last family dinner occasion we had. And I made certain there were no insects anywhere near the ingredient vicinity. I like bugs in my photography, not my food.

Below, a simple, standby salmon dish that I use time and time again. This can easily be doubled, tripled or quadrupled for a larger crowd.

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Smoked Salmon Kale Carbonara

Salmon and kale is one combo. I often cannot pass up. Each is a favorite of mine, and together, they make the dream team of nutrition. Filled with a longer list of vitamins than calories per serving, kale’s been on everyone’s grocery list these past few years. It’s been replacing potatoes in the form of chips, it’s been added to the menu of nearly every smoothie place I ever frequent, heck, many are even claiming kale is the new bacon, as our society steadily becomes more food conscious.

And salmon has always been regarded as the king of the crop in the seafood world for its high level of omega 3’s. One serving also provides 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin D, in which recently, more and more studies are revealing a significant portion of Americans are deficient, leading to an array of health consequences.

So both are a great start to creating a meal, particularly when local kale is springing into season and wild varieties of salmon are available. I found this particularly light version of carbonara from the ever-so-useful blogosphere and decided I’d try my hand at making my first kitchen-cooked carbonara. Typically, it’s a sauce made with heavy cream, eggs and often bacon. Since I don’t eat bacon and rarely have cream at my disposal, this altered variation using both kale and smoked salmon seemed like a far superior option for my preferences.

This is a flavorful dish that’s fairly easy to make. I almost preferred the carbonara at room temperature, so I could totally see this as a picnic/potluck item. Just make sure to cook the egg through if you plan on using this dish at such an occasion.

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