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Acorn Squash and Aduki Bean Winter Stew

I don’t yet possess my own pressure cooker, but I can confidently say it’d be a great investment.  My mom has one and puts it to use quite frequently to make one-pot dinners like this one.  While presumably this same meal could be whipped up in a slow-cooker (another item I have yet to own), the pressure cooker will have it ready 5 times as quickly.  But if you don’t have the former, than test out the slow-cooker method because this is a hearty winter meal worth making.

Chewy wheat berries, tenderized by the pressure cooker, cook alongside creamy acorn squash and meaty portobellos to create a filling vegan stew.  The dish is modestly seasoned, but the array of veggies supply more than an adequate amount of flavor all on their own.  So, not only do you have just one pot to clean, but you also have zero herbs/spices to prep.  Plus, this dish provides all the elements you need for a complete meal within one bowl.  Win.

Finish this protein + fiber + vitamin-packed dish with a pungent, quality olive oil and any garnishes of your choice.

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