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Apple Cider French Lentil Soup

Apple cider rarely gets a chance to make it beyond my cup and into my recipes. However, as I reached for the button mushrooms to toss into this soup, an untouched jug caught me eye before I could shut the refrigerator door. Not long after, I was splashing that cider onto my lentils, but not until I poured myself a glass to clench my thirst as I cooked.

Apple cider adds a surprising touch of sweetness to the classic lentil soup. It actually makes me want to test out a curried version, as I think the two ingredients would pair well with lentils. But for this recipe, I stuck with the traditional seasonings, letting the thyme be the shining flavor alongside the cider. Spinach finishes it off, adding both a touch of color and earthiness. If you are feeding a crowd and don’t plan on having leftovers, I recommend doubling this recipe. The flavors get even better as they’re left to mix and mingle overnight.

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