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Sweet Potato, Corn and Jalapeño Bisque

Sweet Potato, Corn and Jalapeño Bisque

Sometimes misfortunes come as blessings in disguise. One door closes, another one opens. And then you realize, life’s all how you look at it. Ya know?

Lately I’ve been riding the happy wave, largely because of that mindset. Jump on it, and life becomes exciting.

Sweet Potatoes

The past few weeks feel like they’ve been filled with one terrible-turned-into-awesome situation after another, this recipe included.

This weekend, when I opened up my fridge, all that stared back at me were a bunch of  cold, bare, fluorescent lit shelves. That, and a jalapeño, a bag of carrots, a half empty carton of soy milk and a few bottles of beer. I’m really adapting to bachelor life well, it appears.

With a simple trip to the grocery store, well, you couldn’t exactly call this situation “terrible”. But bare refrigerator shelves? That’s no fun, and I was antsy to get cooking. For once, I didn’t want to spend my Sunday perusing the aisles of Whole Foods of farmer’s markets. (What’s happened to me?! Swapping food shopping time for friend time? Get outta here.)

Luckily, I didn’t need to leave the kitchen after stumbling across this recipe. Within it lay the few ingredients I somehow had on hand – sweet potatoes, corn in the freezer, and that lonely jalapeño I mentioned earlier. One glance at this over on Joanne’s lovely blog, and I said screw the grocery store. This needs to be made now.

Empty fridge = a blessing in disguise, I tell you.

Sweet Potato, Corn and Jalapeño Bisque

This soup has all the right elements going for it. It’s filled with creamy, naturally sweet goodness from the potatoes, paired with a crunch from the corn and a kick of spice in there too. Use what you have on hand, or make a trip out to go gather the necessary ingredients. I promise, for this one, it’s worth it.

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