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Simple Biscuits

If I knew homemade biscuits were this easy to make, I would’ve been whipping them up long before this past November. No yeast, no rise time and very minimal kneading makes for one of the most effortless bread creations you could come across.

Granted, to create this 5-ingredient triumph, I did endure several batches of flops from my oven. Exhibit one – that variation I found online incorporating pumpkin, the pumpkin that led me to surmise it’d be amazing. With an ingredient list twice as long as this one, I concluded said evening in the kitchen with something more comparable to pumpkin spiced hockey pucks than flaky, buttery bread. Fail.

I promise, however, that this recipe won’t disappoint. This will be especially true if you keep several noteworthy tips in mind. For one, make sure to keep the butter in the refrigerator until right before it’s needed. Yes, it will be a little harder to work with in its cold state but simply cut it into small pieces as you add it to your mixing bowl. Two, I found that for the flakiest biscuits, you’ll want to fold the dough in half a few times as you are rolling it out. And lastly, don’t make the biscuits too flat/thin. This will cause them to lose some of that fluffy flakiness.

These are best served hot, so if you plan on taking them to a holiday party, consider wrapping them in aluminum foil and reheating in the oven prior to eating. Enjoy!

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Holiday Almond Balls

Almond Balls

These are one of my family’s signature holiday treats. Come Christmas time, and you’ll be sure to find a tin filled with these…although that tin certainly won’t stay full for long! Sweet, fragrant, and extra buttery, what’s not to like about these edible snowballs?

Now, I wouldn’t exactly classify this as one of my healthy recipes. (Okay, so it could be worse. These do have that vitamin E-rich almond-base going for them.) But sometimes a girl’s got to indulge, right? I’m a chocoholic and also happen to have a fairly big sweet tooth. My philosophy: Everything in moderation. Which means every year, I always cease the holidays as a time to pull out the sugar and flour and get baking. Nothing beats the warm smells that flow from the oven or the mouth-watering tastes that ensue! And with that, I’m off…a dinging timer and some cookies in the oven are so sweetly calling my name.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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