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Candy Corn

Halloween’s just a little over a week away! Rather than spend all my time deciding what kind of costume to create, I decided I’d devote a little time towards something more my speed. Cooking, of course.

I’m actually not the biggest candy corn fan. When there’s buckets of Halloween candy around, my eyes are always on the chocolate. But when I came across this recipe, I couldn’t resist. How fun would it be to make homemade candy corn? Of course Emily, my fellow Philly food blogger, was as excited about this idea as me.

So together, we melted a little butter, sugar, and few other ingredients in a pan and got to work making 600 purple-and-yellow-striped candy confections. (Okay, maybe a few less because quite a few jumbo prisms made their way onto our plates).

The recipe below is actually entirely vegan. Hello, awesome! Unfortunately, I can’t attest to a taste comparison between the vegan version and the regular kind. Living in North Philly sometimes has its drawbacks, like when you’re trying to pick up some last minute vegan margarine at the local grocery store.  I ended up succumbing to using butter, but at least we were able to keep these babies gelatin-free.

Overall, this was a pretty painless recipe to make. And the results were definitely better than any store-bought candy corn I’ve ever eaten. Too bad homemade treats aren’t kosher trick-or-treat giveaways anymore.

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