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Saucy Cabbage and Potatoes with Chickpeas

Saucy Cabbage and Chickpeas

As I walk to yoga class, I’m getting showered in sun(burn). As I’m in yoga class, I’m showering in a naturally 90 degree sweat bath. As I leave yoga, it’s pouring out, aka, the sky’s sign it’s time for a real shower.

Alas, summer is officially showering my life. And I love it.

I’ve expressed before, I’m a warm-weather kind of girl. A runny red nose and frigid fingertips just aren’t for me. I┬áprefer┬áspending my free time outdoors in flowy dresses and shorts. And if that means a little bit of sweat, so be it.

The beginning of summer also means that the first heads of cabbage are starting to bound themselves in the garden. Layer after layer of leaves, one of these heads can whip up a huge, budget-friendly pot of food. The recipe below can certainly attest to that. A few humble, kitchen staples like chickpeas, onion and ketchup (trust me, it works in this), combine to create this saucy cabbage dish. I like to top it with a sharp cheese to compliment the kick of the Sriracha, but that’s totally optional. An unpretentious meal that plays off of just-picked garden ingredients – for me, that’s what summer eating’s all about.

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