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Stir-Fried Shrimp and Broccoli

Whenever I go out for Chinese food, the broccoli on the menu is sure to have my name on it. Very occasionally I’ll switch it up and go for something different, like vegetable moo-shu or some kind of Chinese-adorned green beans, but in general it’s stir-fried broccoli that’s going on my plate. Broccoli in white sauce, broccoli in brown sauce, tofu and broccoli, or occasionally shrimp and broccoli, like I made for last night’s dinner…Whatever it is, my order will probably include that tree-looking veggie known as broccoli. In fact, Chinese-seasoned is probably my favorite way to eat the nutrient-rich, royal green crowns.

What could be even tastier than take-out Chinese broccoli? A homemade version, of course! Made at home, this stir-fried dish keeps all the flavor with less of the gluck. Plus, with your eye on the stove, you can avoid having your shrimp being cooked to a chewy, rubbery death. Another perk? Say your goodbyes to that vain, plain Jane white rice because by cooking at home, you can guarantee that it’s brown rice that will be served under your stuperstar broccoli. Win.

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