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Fall Crafts

It’s that time again. Fall is nearing its end, the short days slowly sliding into winter territory. The air feels bitter. Grey. Hushed. Trees beginning to bald, shed all their beautiful locks to the Earth. More bleakness is fast on its way.

Yeah, I’m not a huge winter fan. One week of snow and a few cups of hot chocolate are enough to satisfy my cold weather thirst. Then I’m left longing for when sweet-smelling spring will put away my socks and revive my two sheltered bare feet.

But to help get me through those first few weeks of winter, I bring with me the best of the autumn season. Not willing to fully let go of fall, I collect those beautiful tree locks I mentioned earlier before their colors waste away to the ground.  And then, for just a little while, I have color shining through my winter days, bringing me that extra zest I need.

So with that, I leave you with the following simple steps to create your own colorful autumn collage.  Here we go, Fall Wax Paper Collages, Martha Stewart-style.

Step 1: Supplies- Leaves, Wax Paper, Scissors, Iron, Ironing Board

Step 2: Tear off two sheets of wax paper. Use scissors to cut them into a uniform size.

Step 3: Rub each sheet of paper between your fingers to determine which side is the waxy side. Arrange leaves as desired on the wax-side of one sheet of paper. Place the opposite sheet on top, wax-side down.

Step 5: Trim edges.

Step 6: Hang.

Bringing a little fall Fresh-Air inside your home

What’s your favorite fall craft?