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Roasted Red Onion and Brussel Sprouts

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Onions

Easter in my family’s house is rarely traditional. Deviled eggs will always be on the table, but that’s about the only consistency we’ve got going. Lucky for me, I like variation, and I like deviled eggs too.

At the peak freak-out-about-life age of 22, the biggest surprise every year is whether there will be an Easter basket waiting in my old room. When there is, I still freak out in joy. Even at 32, 42, 52 years of age, I’m doubtful that being surprised with chocolate will ever get old. At least I hope not. That’s a youthful consistency I hope to keep forever. (Although, I did request for a basket of contact solution this year, too.)

Anyway, so every year I’m faced with a dilemma of what to bring for Easter. As a cook, of course I want to whip something up, but guessing on the year’s menu is never easy. It’s never like “Grace, you make the green beans. Your sister’s making the mac & cheese. And I’m making the ham.” Likely, none of those classic items will show up on the table (though, my sister does make some killer mac & cheese). It’s usually more of a situation of me pondering over what I should pair with the obscure soup my mom’s making or the Indian feast she’s whipping up, etc. etc.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Onions

This year she mentioned salmon, so I’m thinking of whipping out this recipe. It’s super simple and quickly pulls together. Plus, its colors shine of spring. Red onions have really been winning me over lately.

Feel free to add some shaved Parmesan on top if you feel like jazzing these up once out of the oven.

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Classic Deviled Eggs

Yeah, I know. Easter’s over. So why am I still blogging about deviled eggs? Well, we all have to do something with that leftover carton of hard-boiled eggs we helped the little ones in our life color. Turning them into deviled eggs will guarantee they won’t go to waste. Who’s going to pass up a rich, creamy deviled egg? Even if deviled eggs were on this past weekend’s Easter menu, with a quality recipe, you bet people will be reaching for more than one half. More than two won’t really fit with the whole weight loss/health watch plan, but no worries. I’m sure your friends would be happy to drop one or two off in their mouths.

Besides, who says deviled eggs have to be reserved solely for the holidays. (If you’re not an Easter celebrator, then heck, they definitely shouldn’t be saved just this time of year.)  They’re an easy-to-make treat, and for my non-vegan fellows out there, they make a not too shabby protein snack, as long as you can limit yourself to just one or two bites.

I’ve posted this recipe before…Last Easter…and sadly, it’s probably been since that day that I’ve eaten them. But after enjoying them this year, even after tasting them on Easter might I add, I think I’m going to have to change my ways. It’s a standard recipe that my grandma and mom have tweaked to the point that I seldom can say I really love anyone else’s deviled eggs. That’s how family recipes work, right? Feel free to adapt ours as your own, or let me in on any of your family’s deviled egg secrets.

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