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Summer Gazpacho

Summer Gazpacho


When it’s hot, I love fresh meals like Gazpacho.

An even added bonus with this cool soup is that.

What is needed? A bunch of ripe tomatoes and whatever else your farmer’s market or garden offers up.

Summer Gazpacho

After a nice walk through the woods, a good girlfriend of mine and I refueled with a large bowl of this, utilizing some heirlooms from her garden.

It came together in no time, thanks to the help of a food processor (you could certainly use a blender) and the natural beauty of this type of soup.

Gazpacho is all about the freshness of its ingredients. It’s simple. And absolutely divine on a steamy summer day.

Summer Gazpacho

Keep the soup as chunky as you desire, or pulse it for a little extra time if you want something creamier than what’s pictured above.

Either way, I recommend serving it with a nice slice of crusty bread to sop up some of its flavorful juices and add an element of crunch.

Summer Gazpacho

And definitely don’t skip out on the avocado topping. This provides the richness that this light soup needs to complete it. In fact, you could even drizzle a little olive oil on top once served up for an added element of richness.

Summer Gazpacho

What are you making to tide you over during these early August days? Would love to hear your favorite recipes of the season!

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Borough Market

Picture a market that has at least three or four stands of every kind of food you could possibly want to eat.  A market with 130 stalls displaying various foods from around the world.  A market where you could rid your tummy of hunger from cheese samples alone.  A market where you can find the hottest chili peppers known to man, the most exotic mushrooms you could consume without tripping, hundreds of freshly ground spices, the rarest of berries, and multiple types of chocolate (plus chocolate) samples that are to die for.  Where cheese is melted by the block and ostrich meat and kangaroo burgers are cooked up like they’re no big deal.  Where a whole stand is dedicated to flax seed creations, another to freshly churned butter, one to balsamic vinegar, and one to rapidly shucking oysters.  Oh, and among all of these items, you can still get your basic apples, broccoli, and bread, all at its freshest for a rather cheap rate.

This is Borough Market.  Also the largest market I’ve ever experience in my life.  Yes, I’m in love with it.  Who wouldn’t be?

Open Thursdays 11-5, Fridays 12-6, Saturdays 8-6.  Located near the London Bridge, if you live/come to London, check it out.