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Lithe Foods

Apple Chips with Caramel Sauce and Pumpkin Cream

Lithe Method, a high-energy, fitness regime originated in Philly, recently launched their own food line. I’ve been sampling some of their all vegan fare over the past few days and have been pleasantly surprised.

As diversified as Philly is, there’s still a lack of places to go to grab an on-the-go, healthy and affordable bite to eat. More and more “locavore” based places are popping up in the city, but at few of them can you dine without a reservation made several days in advance and a wallet to match your plan ahead skills. I’m still waiting for the day that the brown rice fanatics of NYC come and flood my city with fresh-squeezed carrot and ginger juices.

I’m happy to say that Lithe’s line offers an array of yummy, grab-and-go options that are genuinely nutritious. Much of their fare is seasonal too, which always makes things taste better. For instance, if you’re feeling a quick snack, you can grab their their apple chips, paired with a creamy pumpkin and cashew butter-based dip. Add a bottle of their apple cider and you’ll really be feeling the fall flavor.

Apple Harvest Quinoa

Lithe also has several hearty, whole grain options, like their apple harvest quinoa and their breakfast brown rice with dried cherries. Both are thankfully not overburdened with sweetener, and make for a good light breakfast, lunch or snack.

I’ve also really been digging their sweet potato spring rolls with black bean sauce. I absolutely adore spring rolls because they’re always so refreshing yet flavorful. These are particularly stimulating, packed with a healthy dose of cilantro that balances out the candied creaminess of the sweet potatoes. The salty black bean sauce adds a great finishing touch to each bite.

This might sound a little PR-y, but there hasn’t been one Lithe food item that I haven’t enjoyed. Granted, their raw cheesecakes wouldn’t suffice if I were really craving a true slice of cheesecake, but for a healthier version of dessert, even those are pretty good.

The one catch: Since everything’s made fresh, Lithe food items are only available at their Old City and Rittenhouse locations. Just one healthy option in Philly that New York has yet to have.