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Curried White Fish Creole

Life has been chaotic these past couple of weeks. I just got my first big girl job and then scrambled to find my first random roommate in my first 2-person apartment. Woah.

Between sleeping on friends’ couches and daily ponderations of post-grad life, I’m ready to be settled. However, I can sense this feeling won’t be pulling up to my new address anytime soon. After unpacking my last suitcase of running shorts and filling my new kitchen cabinets with cumins and curry powders, I still find myself left with a million and one questions. No one ever said the years immediately following college were ones filled with certainty. Even when you finally land that first job.

The meaning of my new life definitely has a slight feeling unmapped territory.

In college, you’re given a world of books and classes and obligatory homework. The mission—a degree towards a job you don’t yet need to name.

Then you reach your 30s and 40s, where little Johnny always keeps you busy and his mishaps always keep you talking—regardless of whether your coworkers want to hear about it.

But wait, what about that space between 22-years-old and thirty(ish)? Yeah, that space. The first period of time where no one gives you a projected plan and tells you what’s going to happen in the next two to five years of your life…Where you can’t read in a book about what might perceivably happen…What is the meaning of this moment in life? For some reason, answering this question with the simple response of “building my career path” doesn’t leave me satisfied. Though, perhaps that’s because I’m not yet quite sure where that path is taking me.

As I settle into the next phase of my life, I’ve begun approaching new recreational projects and deepening already established passions. This, I feel, is the direction I need, and possibly the answer to some of my questioning.

Balancing this quest and the daily 9-5 leaves me tight on time and seeking recipes like the one below. Simple, tasty, and low-stress. I love this creole because it’s so incredibly flavorful yet doesn’t call for a ridiculous list of ingredients. In fact, it’s the peppers and onions and tomatoes that really build this dish up, even more so than the curry powder. Through all of my current uncertainty, one thing is for sure—this one-pot recipe’s going on the repeat list.

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Salmon Fish Tacos with Sweet Potato Puree

Fish tacos always resurrect memories of summer days spent working up an appetite alongside the ocean.  Some of the best fish tacos I’ve ever eaten are the ones I’ve gotten from boxy beach huts down by the shore. Nothing beats spending a hot afternoon swimming through cool, wavy water, only to finish it off by getting messy with a fresh fish taco.

While I’m unfortunately not down at the beach, I’ve still been enjoying some fantastic warm, sunny weather. To go along with it, I’ve also decided to whip up some light and fresh fish tacos so I can enjoy them too.

I decided to switch up the classic recipes that I’m used to tasting and throw in some of those nutrient-loaded sweet potatoes to compliment the salmon I chose for my base. The naturally creamy sweetness of the potatoes, along with the tender fish and fresh, crunchy cabbage slaw definitely made for a winning combination.  Cabbage is coming to its prime, so if it’s not growing in your garden, be on the lookout for it at your local farmer’s market.

You can bet I’ll be making some variation of these again. Hopefully I can make it to the beach by that time for a little extra inspiration!

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