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Collard Wraps with Tempeh Sweet Potato Hash

Collard Wraps with Tempeh Sweet Potato Hash

A few days ago, I ran across a Whole Foods tweet touting collards are the new kale. Intrigued, I of course clicked the link directing me to a blog post in which its author wrote “growing up in Louisiana, collards greens were standard fare”. Spending my childhood in Pennsylvania with two green-obsessed parents, collards have always been a regular part of my diet too.

Collard Wraps with Tempeh Sweet Potato Hash

Of course, rotating on the dinner table was also Lacinato, Red Russian and other leafy varietals long before the whole kale craze ever ¬†took off. And at the time, my little kid self didn’t care much for them. Apparently neither did anyone else.

Today, however, things have changed. I adore¬†kale, and it’s become so apparently obvious, I am not alone.

Toasted cashews

What initially struck me as surprising was not that kale finally soared into stardom, but rather that collards were left behind. My parents had always grew equal amounts in the garden, and had served up equal amounts onto our plates. To me, the two went hand in hand. To an extent, they were almost interchangeable.

Collard Wraps with Tempeh Sweet Potato Hash

I find it no surprise, then, that Whole Foods thinks collard are to become the next kale. Though, I’m still amazed it took so long.

Like kale and the explosion of raw salads, I think collards will really begin to shine in their uncooked element. In the south, collards have always been common, and are traditionally known to be cooked to death with salted pork/fatback, and served as a side. Maybe this is why they didn’t take off right away. The result of that is not a pretty green sight.

Use them in their raw form as a substitute for tortillas, however, and they become one stunning way to bundle up a bunch of goodness. I did not grow up with collard wraps, but can fully say I’m excited to add more of them to my diet. Sturdy yet light, they feel like such a nourishing way to wrap up a lunch. Pack them in aluminum foil, and they also become an easy on-the-go snack.

These are stuffed with a flavorful curried tempeh, slightly sweetened with everyone’s favorite orange potatoes. I like to mash the sweet potatoes slightly into the tempeh to really blend all the flavors. Note: If whipping this up for dinner, make extra. These are great for a make-ahead lunch, served either warm or cold.

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Turnip and Kale Hash with Eggs

I can count the number of times I’ve cooked turnips on one hand. Five fingers. Maybe four.

It’s sad, but also exciting, when you realize you’re forgetting an ingredient in life that really deserves attention. Turnips, with their beautiful orchid-shaded skin, are highly underutilized in my kitchen. When finally tasked with a freelance assignment calling on this root veggie, I purposely bought more than I needed so I could do a little extra experimentation on the stove. I settled on this, a breakfast-for-dinner, which a novelty in itself, felt that much more so with the rarity of turnips.

Eggs and potatoes are classic match made in heaven, but I must say, grated turnips make an equally fine partner. It’s one I hope to call upon more often. Here, they contribute an extra, pleasant punch of flavor while holding the similar texture and heartiness of typical hash browns. Their slight bite goes perfectly with fried eggs.

From beer to chocolate to greens, I often like things on the bitter side. If you’re a little shy to this department of taste, consider going halfsies with the turnips and grate a russet potato or two into the mix.

For an extra treat, pocket this in a pita, and top with a spoonful of spaghetti sauce – my solution for turning leftovers into a phenomenal new meal.

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Vegan Sweet Potato and Sausage Hash with Kale

I love the combination of kale and sweet potatoes, as well as kale and sausage, so I figured why not fuse them all together. Sweet potatoes lend a sugary, soft element to chewy greens, while sausage adds a savory meatiness that I absolutely love. The trio also creates a megastar, nutrient-rich powerhouse. Kale and sweet potatoes, two celebrity vitamin-winning veggies, rock the dish with tons of antioxidants and disease-warding nutrients, while the meat-free sausage adds a boost of muscle building protein.

The following recipe yields a great brunch, lunch, or dinner option that can be served as a main course or side dish. Feel free to try also use it as a healthy, energizing filling for a wrap.

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