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Chocolate Pecan Nutella Thumbprints

When it comes to Christmas cookies, I tend to stick to a handful of childhood classics every year. Snickerdoodles and sugar cookies, I could do without. But almond balls and my mom’s Kris Kringles, those are mandatory staples. However, this year I’ve stumbled upon one more cookie recipe that might be a mandatory addition to my annual holiday cookie repertoire – these Chocolate Pecan Nutella Thumbprints.

The sister of my brother-in-law made these for a cookie swap, and ever since my mom got a taste of one, she’d been raving about them. My mom’s a chocoholic, but she’s particular when it comes to dessert. I knew if these cookies passed her shrewd chocolate test in order to make a lasting impression, they had to be stellar. And stellar they were when I finally got my hands on the recipe so that I could pop these out of my own oven.

There’s still time to make these before New Years. It’s a holiday excuse to get baking for your friends that you really shouldn’t pass up, especially when this recipe is yet to be made. These are an absolute must. Intensely chocolatey and almost fudgy like a brownie, I almost ate my age in these thumbprints over the days leading up to Christmas. The Nutella makes them all that much more decadent, and of course irresistibly delicious.

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