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Mango Toast with Drizzled Honey and Tahini

Mango Toast with Drizzled Honey and Tahini

Mango toast.

Could it be the next avocado toast?

Mango Toast with Drizzled Honey and Tahini

When the avocados on display at the store aren’t ripe, but the champagne mangos are awaiting at their prime, the answer is a clear yes.

Mango toast becomes the snack or breakfast of champions.

Mango Toast with Drizzled Honey and Tahini

Easy-to-make yet feeling oh-so luxurious, mango toast is the kind of eat you can treat yourself whenever the moment calls for it.

Feel like having an indulgent Sunday brunch? Mango toast is there for you. And won’t make you feeling like crawling back into bed afterwards.

Need a mid-afternoon snack during a hard day at work? Mango toast is there for you, too, without calling for too much of your attention.

In moments where you simply need to refresh, mango toast allows you to relax and enjoy with a prep time of 5 minutes or less.

It’s not a bad dessert option, either.

Mango Toast with Drizzled Honey and Tahini

Here, sweet mango compliments an earthy, creamy drizzle of tahini, all of which gets topped with aromatic, toasted walnuts. Choose a rich, whole grain bread. You want a slice with some oomph versus one filled with an excess of air bubbles. Go for something with seeds, a loaf that feels nourishing and hearty. If a whole grain sourdough option is there, reach for that. The tanginess in contrast with the mango and honey is divine.


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Mango Lassi

Mango lassis were the milkshakes of my childhood. From time to time, I’d be taken out for an ice cream cone after a sporting event or other such activity, but I don’t think I slurped down my first real milkshake until I hit high school. However, whenever dining out at an Indian restaurant, one of my mom’s favorite cuisines, she nearly always let my brother and I ruin our appetites with a mango lassi. Mangoes were always my favorite fruit as a kid, but I rarely ever got more than a slice on the occasion that we’d split a fresh one between our family at breakfast. So getting treated to a mango lassi always felt like winning a glass of gold.

Even though now I’ll sometimes eat a whole mango to myself (oh, the luxury), a lassi still feels like gold. Smooth and creamy with hints of coconut, there’s really no way you can go wrong with this drink. In fact, I’d prefer a mango lassi any day to a traditional milkshake. It’s the kind of milkshake you want to wake up to alongside a bowl of oatmeal. And it’s also the kind you want to cap off your night with after a nice Indian meal. Just a handful of ingredients sent to the blender, and you can easily make this glass of gold in your very own kitchen. Enjoy.

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Snow Pea and Mushroom Tacos with Mango Salsa

Between interning in D.C. with the Discovery Channel, working at the Lancaster CSA I farmed with last summer, teaching yoga, and some other odd jobs, I’ve been having one crazy, busy summer.  Cooking has actually been pushed somewhat to the back burner. (Hence the numerous salads I’ve been whipping up lately.)  But don’t worry, getting creative in the kitchen will always be a part of my life, busy or not.  With nearly every bit of free time I do have, I’m still at it, slicing, dicing, spicing, and enticing.

The food-filled art form is one of my favorite ways to spend my downtime in the evenings.  It’s even better in the accompaniment of good friends and conversation, and when I can enjoy the results outside, amidst those warm summer sunsets. This past weekend, I found some time to do just that with a few friends after work.

I decided on making tacos, a dish I generally always find to be a safe bet, especially when you have some skeptical meat-eaters in the mix. However, I quickly strayed from the Mexican-styled vegetarian tacos I usually make.  I came home from my CSA job with a bag full of snow peas, my first of the season, and was eager to put them to use right away.  So somehow I settled on throwing them in with the taco idea.  It wasn’t necessarily a playing-it-safe kind of move, but it turned out to be a winner among my friends.

My classic refried bean filling went abandoned for a much lighter and more summery taco creation.  I sauteed the crispy snow peas with some chewy mushrooms, and placed the duo with an easy pairing of straight up, soft black beans.  And best of all, I topped it all off with a fresh mango salsa. The sweet and cilantro-y island take on salsa never fails to shine through.

This was a real treat, and combined so many flavors of the season.  If you can’t find the garlic scapes used in this recipe, simply swap them out with a couple cloves of garlic.  Garlic scapes are currently a hot item at most farmer’s markets right now, but they won’t last long.  They have an appearance similar to ramps, but are actually the stems that grow off of the stalks of garlic.  The scapes have a slightly less pungent, but still notably unique garlicky taste, which is why garlic cloves are a suitable substitute if you can’t find them.

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