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Summer Squash Medley

Surrounded by counters and gardens full of squash, I was left with a dilemma: How to include the summer veggie into more of my meals.  It’s really not an objectionable problem to deal with, but a predicament nonetheless.  I hate wasting food, especially healthy food.  But with a garden and a part-time job at a CSA, it’s nearly impossible to consume all the vegetables that come in and out of my house.

This is when A, the local food bank comes into the picture, or B, meals become absorbed by improvised veggie dishes.  Lately it’s been the latter.  My mom’s always been a huge fan of plates full of vegetables, so when I decided I wanted to do something with squash one night, she suggested making this.  Not surprisingly, it turned into our main course.  However, ever since, we’ve been serving it as a side, complimenting countless evening meals.

I’m a huge fan of simple dishes, but even I was surprised at how tasty this was!  The flavors of the summer squash really stand out in this, even amidst the acidity of the tomatoes.  My mom and I thought about adding basil, but we both agreed that we liked how much you could really taste the squash in this.

Serve as a side, or alongside a crusty piece of bread.

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