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Vegetarian Gumbo

I’ve been happily continuing my summer job with the CSA once a week while I’m back at school. Every Saturday, I become one of the first kids on campus to see the morning sun, as I hop a train over to my CSA’s spot at the Glenside farmer’s market. It’s not quite the same as working on the farm, but I’m still dealing with veggies for hours at a time and tons of interesting people while I’m at it. The weekly gig makes me feel like I get to carry a little piece of summer with me. And since I dread the winter months, any part of summer, work-filled or not, makes me happy. Better yet, I also get to carry a huge bag of early fall produce with me as I catch the train that takes me back home.

Last week, the star ingredient in my bag was okra. I was never fond of the slimy stuff as a kid. But now okra gets me excited because it means only one thing –  Gumbo. All its sliminess gets dissipated when swimming in a hearty stew of gumbo goodness. Instead, the diced circles of okra add a smooth thickness to the flour-traced broth. For this gumbo, I added a bunch of other garden veggies I once helped plant and pick at the farm, like peppers, green beans and corn, making it my epitome of garden gumbo. Feel free to add other veggies you have on hand, like eggplant or mushrooms. Serve it up alongside a thick slice of bread, or a flavor-soaking grain of your choice. A nice ale would do it justice too, but none of that college crap that keeps people in bed till Saturday afternoon.

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Red Pepper and Soy Sausage Jambalaya

With some of Lightlife’s soy sausage in the fridge and several bell peppers that needed to be used, I went through all the ways in my mind that I could use these two ingredients together…Ok, so maybe not all the ways because then I’d be thinking for longer than my stomach could handle. But after much indecision, I finally settled on whipping up some jambalaya.

My mind was envisioning a jumbo pot full of jambalaya cooking outside, its contents being stirred with a large wooden spoon. A summer breeze wafting the mouth-watering aromas through the air…Only one problem with this picture…there’s sausage in my jambalaya. Yikes.

All too many times have I passed an alluring scene like this in real life. Too many times where a huge pot of jambalaya rest waiting to be eaten, but I’ve kept on strolling because of the sausage circulating through it. For this reason, I’ve only tasted jambalaya once or twice in my life—a vegetarian version that was lacking some flavor, and a solely seafood version that was pretty darn good.

So it was a delight to make a velvety vegan version of jambalaya, considering that the flavorful dish is certainly a rarity in my diet. Using brown rice and veggies for the bulk of the dish, this jambalya recipe upshot not just a delicious result, but a rather healthy one too. Now I just need one of those huge pots and an outdoor flame set-up so I can recreate my ideal vision of jammin’ to jambalaya.

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