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My New Roots’ Life-Changing Loaf of Bread

Life-Changing Bread

More than a handful of my friends have made this bread. Nearly all of my fellow let’s get in the kitchen, anytime, anywhere friends have made this bread. And pretty much my entire food blogging world has mentioned, created, and/or featured this recipe in some form.

Published a little over two years ago, it was about time I tried this illustrious Life-Changing Loaf of Bread for myself. Here I am. Another blogger to declare this recipe is awesome. And despite it’s cult following, I admit it was a bit to my surprise.

Life-Changing Loaf of Bread

Sure, I’ve heard everyone rave about how great this is. But as I was stirring up a bread pan’s worth of nuts and seeds, I found myself a bit skeptical. I knew this thing was going to be dense, and what I didn’t know was how that would play out into its finished form. I wasn’t even sure how it’d come together to ever fully form a loaf. I mean, what was this foreign psyllium husk ingredient, anyways? Could a few Tbsp. really bind a bunch of nuts into a loaf of bread? After finding it in the supplement aisle, the lady at Whole Foods told me psyllium husk is often used to help make you go..

Life-Changing BreadAnyway, when I finally got my first loaf out of the oven and cooled down enough to eat, it proved itself in no time. Yes, it’s dense, but incredibly delicious. Especially in its toasted form, as  many other food blogs assured me prior to making. “Toast it!” So toast I did, and slathered it with jam. I would recommend you do the same.

The toaster (I’d recommend a toaster oven, if you have one) pulls out an extra intensity of flavor from the already slightly browned nuts and seeds. Delish. Again, pair with jelly, or go for the savory route with some crisp radishes and a very thin spread of avocado.


This bread + spring + good cup of coffee + morning breakfast spent outside…now that might just make it to a life-changing status. Head over to My New Roots for the recipe!

Brown Bread with Radishes

I rarely make bread.  I love the smell.  I love the taste.  I even romanticize the drawn out process.  But frankly, it’s not currently a top priority of mine to set aside the time required to do it.  Particularly at this time of year.  Maybe I’ll change my mind when grey hair starts conquering my head and boredom overlays my retired brain, but at the present moment I’d rather spend hours with my bike than my oven.

However, I’m still a juvenile baker at heart though, and always will be.  I still cherish lick-able beaters, gooey oven-baked brownies, uncooked cookie dough, and all that other baking-related jazz that doesn’t require hours and hours of sitting and waiting.

Luckily there are a few no-yeast, no-rise breads that fall into this category.  Like the recipe for this brown bread, which both comes together quickly and also bakes up in no time.  It’s one of my favorites because it’s packed with whole wheat flour, AKA fiber, and has a really uniquely wheaty taste.

Sometimes I use orange zest, rather than lemon, which creates a great breakfast bread, perfect with orange marmalade or jam.  I decided to stick with lemon zest this time around, figuring it’d go better with the garden-pulled radishes with which I’d be topping it.  I run out of things to do with radishes, so when this idea came across my mind, I jumped on it.  Crunchy and naturally peppery, the thinly sliced spring specialty pairs perfectly with a dense bread such as this one.

Click here for recipe…