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Roasted Veggie Sandwich

I’ve never been eggplant’s biggest fan.  That’s not to say I haven’t eaten a lot of it because my mom loves the purple schnoz.  But eggplant’s one veggie I could never fully stand behind.  And that’s rare because more and more as I get older, I like my vegetables (with the exception of parsnips…eww). From my experience, eggplant’s either undercooked, which makes me cringe when eating.  Or it’s always being forced to walk the plank and jump ship, left forever drowning in oil.  Neither have made eggplant become a stand out veggie for me.

That is, until I decided to throw it in with some veggies I was roasting.  As I said, my mom loves eggplant, so it always takes a spot in our garden.  Come summer time, we always have an abundance of it.  So when I was thinking up something to prepare for my lunch the next day, I decided on roasted veggies and thought I’d give eggplant another chance.

To my surprise the eggplant turned out to be my favorite part of this roasted veggie combo!  It’s takes on a sweetness from the olive oil, alongside the caramelized onions, without being overly saturated in grease.  I actually found myself picking out all the eggplant…not to say the other veggies weren’t good, but finally I found a way for eggplant to stand out for me.  I’ll definitely be making this again soon!

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