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Pan-Seared Tofu atop Spicy Sesame Rice

I’m a huge fan of Horizon’s Tofu Spice, which I make in large batches and store in my spice cabinet to use quite frequently. I recommend you do so too because it makes whipping up tofu an incredibly easy task. Within minutes, it can take a blocky blank canvas and turn it into a flavorful, steak-like centerpiece of a meal.

With this particular instance, I placed my tofu atop a simply seasoned plate of brown rice. Another ingredient I recommend adding to your kitchen is toasted sesame oil. It’s the one flavored oil I try to always keep on hand. It has an aromatic, rich, nutty flavor that’s exceptionally pungent, so a little goes a long way when seasoning food. It’s great for Asian stir-frys, but here I simply use it as is to flavor rice along with a touch of spicy Sriracha.

Once the spice mix is concocted, together, the tofu and rice make my kind of meal — easy, quick and healthy. Vegetarian protein from the tofu, fiber from the brown rice, and flavor from all of the wonderful seasonings makes this an easily satisfying meal for any night of the week. Serve alongside a light salad or your favorite veggie.

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Pan-Seared Tofu Atop Kale Pesto Quinoa

Ever since the last time I pan-seared tofu, my mind’s been thinking of other ways I could serve this restaurant-esque transformation of tofu. The crispy, salty and spice-encrusted exterior of the tofu gives way to a moist, supple inside that makes this cooking method of tofu a mega-hit for my taste buds. All this style of tofu needs is a little sauce action to turn what started out as a slimy block of white stuff into a gourmet meal.

After testing out the vegan kale pesto previously posted, I knew it’d be an instant hit in combination with my new favorite way to serve tofu. I figured the pesto’s slightly nutty flavor, paired with an already nutty grain, quinoa, would go perfectly beneath the crusted, tender tofu.

And a success it was. Top the meal off with some sauteed shallots and mushrooms, and you’ll have your tofu-phobe friends screaming, now that’s some “Killer Tofu.” Who would’ve thought?

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