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Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple Almond Butter Drizzle

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple Almond Butter Drizzle

As mentioned in my last post, I’m really getting into using sweet potatoes as a fun way to spice up breakfast.

I hadn’t imagined I’d be posting two sweet potato recipes in a row that are designed for breakfast. But I’m not mad about it. Quite the opposite actually.

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple Almond Butter Drizzle

This one comes as a spinoff of one of my good friend’s recipes.

I’m fortunate to have another great food blogger gal pal just a 15-minute bike ride away from my own kitchen headquarters. Emily (from Nourishing Matters) and I do a lot of week night cooking collabs, and I’m always obsessing over her latest creations that she puts up on Instagram.

That being said, it felt like a real treat to try out her Sweet Potato Pancake dish. This was a top candidate on my to-make list for some time.

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple Almond Butter Drizzle

I’m happy to report that this recipe is super fun.

Just as I’ve found sweet potatoes to be a great resource for brightening up breakfast, I’ve now found that they act as a great mechanism for jazzing up traditional pancakes, too.

Unfortunately, while I like to pretend I’m still a kid, plain pancakes just don’t cut it for me like they used to. Throw some blueberries in there, and I’m a happy gal. Or oats and bananas. Or anything else that’ll perk that plate of flour up a bit.

If you feel the same about pancakes, try giving sweet potatoes a go.

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple Almond Butter Drizzle

While Emily uses tahini, I decided to use Barney’s almond butter here, both within the pancake and for a creamy maple drizzle to add on top.

That almond-maple drizzle now has me dreaming of other uses for the sauce. So good and so easy!

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple Almond Butter Drizzle

These pancakes were pretty easy to make too and are perfect if you have any leftover sweet potatoes on-hand from the night before.

If you don’t, you can simply use the quick steaming method described in the recipe below. It shouldn’t take longer that 15 minutes to get the potatoes to the soft texture needed for the pancakes.

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Maple Almond Butter Drizzle

Be sure to slow-cook these pancakes on the griddle. You don’t want to turn the heat all the way up to high, or you’ll end up with blackened exteriors and a far too mushy interior. Patience!

That being said, these are a bit moister (in a good way!) than traditional pancakes, so don’t be alarmed if the inside is a bit soft even after cooking for a handful of minutes on each side. The texture makes the perfect compliment to the crunchy almonds you’ll put on top along with, perhaps, an optional handful of toasted coconut flakes too. After finishing with the maple-almond drizzle, it’s hard to deny this is a super fun treat for breakfast or brunch.

Who’s ready for Sunday morning?

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Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes

Growing up, I would equate jumping out of bed for blueberry pancakes as exciting as grabbing an ice cream cone after soccer practice. It was a rare (though more frequent than ice cream) occasion, usually confined to the summertime. Usually these were mornings just after hot afternoons spent picking (and gorging on) blueberries with mom—the afternoons that led to the mornings I can still vividly remember today.

Though I’m out on my own now and could make them whenever I please, pancakes still feel like a luxurious and special occasion. In my kitchen, summer is still the only time they’re generally found on the griddle because for me, like corn and watermelon, pancakes have a season of their own. Blueberry has always been my favorite kind, and summer’s the only time of year that the berries are fresh enough for a touch of maple syrup to be added for its flavor, not sweetness.

I whipped up this particular recipe for dinner. Talk about luxury. I love breakfast for dinner but for some reason seldom put that idea into action. So when I do, it feels like a novelty. With peaches and walnuts on hand, I can say it truly was.

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Zucchini Pancakes

When summer squash season arrives, I always feel like I’m eating my weight in it.  Probably because I am.  Pounds and pounds of the buttery yellow squash and zucchini fill my kitchen, waiting to be cooked or given away before my counters turn into a compost pit.  I hate to see food go to waste, so every meal that I steam up some veggies (meaning at least once a day), there’s sure to be some sliced squash thrown in the steamer basket too.  A little olive oil, S&P is all you need to make those slices taste like butter.  Mhmm.

The naturally buttery, not-so-overbearing flavor of squash makes the ingredient a well-suited base for a variety of other dishes too.  A childhood favorite of mine is zucchini pancakes.  Growing up, my third grandma, AKA my longtime babysitter, would always make zucchini pancakes from her garden-grown zucchini.  A little hesitant at first on how to feed two vegetarian kids, my brother and I certainly ate our share of this zucchini creation.  But I never seemed to get tired of the weekly meal. Especially when a little ketchup was involved.

I hadn’t had zucchini pancakes quite possibly since the last time my babysitter, Betty, made them for me. Inspired by the masses of zucchini growing in my garden, I decided to recreate Betty’s zucchini pancakes, adding just a few extra flavors to what I remembered of her pancakes.  It’s a pretty simple recipe and one that reminds me of wanting to eat these on a weekly basis again.  Although this time around, I’ll be swapping the ketchup for some salsa.

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