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Crispy Sweet Potato Burgers

I have been eyeing this recipe for months. And waiting and waiting, since April (!), to make this. Unlike many of the enticements I spot online and store away, this one didn’t get forgotten and then suddenly rediscovered in my recipe lost and found. No…this one’s kept an impression in my mind since its bookmarking, buying my excitement as I waited for its star ingredient to fall into season.

You see, though these would make a nice summer burger alternative, my dad harvests gallon buckets of sweet potatoes every early fall. It seemed silly for me rush out to the store in the middle of the spring just to make this recipe, when garden sweets would eventually be on their way.

Finally, October hit and the wait ended. On her last visit to Philly, my dad sent my mom up with a bushel basket full of butternuts and sweet potatoes (totally tubular, dude). The first few went straight into aluminum foil, into the oven, and then into my belly.

But the second few, they went into these gorgeous burgers. Seriously, the slider version from Love & Lemons, the blog where these were spotted, made sweet potato burgers look so cute that there was no way I could not make these.

This is a refreshingly interesting, slightly sweet burger rendition that pairs well with the recipes’ notable hints of rosemary and tahini. Add a few extra sprigs of rosemary if you really want a fresh herb feel.

For a light and healthy burger that doesn’t have the texture of rubber and looks amazing, too, this is it. For an even lighter treat, opt for the slider size, but likely you’ll want more than one.

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