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Fresh Carrot Slaw

Fresh Carrot Slaw

I could eat carrots for breakfast (in the form of carrot cake – mandatorily topped with cream cheese icing), lunch, and dinner. Dessert too, if we’re circling back to breakfast here. It’s my veggie snack of choice. Straight up raw. No baby business. Colored in shades of red or purple, if I’m feeling extra fancy.

Fresh Carrot Slaw

As warm weather falls upon us, raw carrots become a pleasantly light and refreshing snack all on their own. If you’re like me, that goes for all year around, too.

However, if for some reason you’re not quite as enthused about acting under the constant facade of Bugs Bunny – or simply want a nicer side dish for your just grilled burger – other options abound. Take this carrot slaw, for example, filled with several depths of flavor, yet still every bit as fresh as a just picked and rinsed carrot from the ground. This slaw keeps it raw, but also keeps it chic.

Fresh Carrot Slaw

This time of year, I like to serve this alongside a meal straight from the grill. Think grilled tuna burgers with spicy mayo, or jalapeño black bean burgers with mango salsa, or a sesame crusted tofu. Grilled or not, think Aloha-inspired recipes or Asian-fusion cuisine. Whatever that happens to mean…

Spring bloom

Feel free to play with the herbs here, depending on what you have, or looks fresh. Also, make sure to toast the walnuts. To do so, simply heat up a cast iron pan (or saute pan, if you don’t own cast iron) over medium-high. Without greasing the pan, add the walnuts straight to the hot surface, and toast until fragrant and edges are browned, stirring regularly.

Fresh Carrot Slaw

Share your favorite light & healthy spring/summer veggie sides in the comments. Would love to hear what you’ve been cooking up lately!

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Tropical Tabbouleh

I’d like to call this the tabbouleh form of Funfetti. Although, the red, green and yellow dots are all sourced from natural ingredients—AKA, you don’t need artificial food coloring to create this beautiful dish.

Once the picnic seasons arrive, my family is always churning out tabbouleh from the kitchen. Originally, we were some of the few vegetarians at friendly outdoor gatherings. My mom knew that if she wanted to fill us up on something other than the red-and-white checkered paradise of chips and cookies, she’d have to bring a substantial meat-free dish. Tabbouleh was her go-to. With at least two kids always keeping her busy, tabbouleh was one of the quickest dishes she could make. It also made use of the mint she was always yelling about for seizing all the space in her garden.

The mint is what keeps tabbouleh feeling fresh, even in the balmy, mid-summer heat that seems to have approached us rather quickly. It’s also the perfect compliment to the pineapple that gives this tabbouleh a tropical twist. I love pineapple in savory-styled dishes, and while it doesn’t quite make this one taste like birthday cake, I’d like to think it’s equally as fun to eat.

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Pineapple Cilantro Lime Smoothie

If you are extra lucky, you’ll be drinking one of these green shakes for St. Patty’s Day. And you’ll be feeling pretty good too. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be swamping your diet with green beer (gross).

My friend just informed me that last year she was in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. Although it’s more of a “touristy thing” over there, that makes us feel a little unlucky here, stuck hanging out in North Philly. But I bet they don’t have refreshing Pineapple Cilantro Lime Smoothies over in Ireland. Meanwhile, my refrigerator currently does. How’s that for living in the ghetto? I’ll take it and let myself feel pretty lucky again too.

This is a palate-cleansing, energizing smoothie perfect for days where you’re looking for something on the lighter side. It’s packed with refreshing flavor that adds a nice variance from traditional fruit-sweetened smoothies. Plus, it’s got a little silken tofu for a creamy touch of protein that will keep your tummy satisfied. Serve for breakfast or lunch, or as an after dinner pick me up, and if you’re smart, serve it tomorrow for St. Patty’s Day.

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