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Black Beans and Plantains with Rice

Black Beans and Plantains with Rice

It felt good to get back in the kitchen cooking. This was the first full meal I made since returning from Europe. The initial few days home consisted of gorging on fruits and vegetables, and wearing off my jet-lag with some minestrone from the freezer. Though, I admit, I also chowed down on some coconut chai vegan ice cream (shout out to Philly’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream) and some wood-fired pizza from Pizza Nomad, possibly my favorite pizza place in Philadelphia, for the moment at least.

Warm-weather months mean lots of festivals, flea markets and food truck gatherings in Philly, which is where I ate said pizza and said ice cream. Like I said in my first post home, I feel fortunate to have returned from Paris in the midst of spring. It’s easy to keep your mind from missing daily travel excursions when there’s so much going on in your own city. For instance, this past weekend and the first weekend being back, I hit up a food truck meetup, a kinetic sculpture derby, and an Italian Market festival going on in my neighborhood.

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