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Vegan Succotash Risotto

I love making dishes like risotto at home because your kitchen naturally puts all of the freedom into your own hands. If I want to have a vegan, risotto-like dish made with brown rice and fresh veggies, well, 99% of the time I’m going to have to make it myself. While I love dining out, most head chefs aren’t concerned with how healthy a dish is, but rather will do anything just to make it addictively delicious. More often that not, that means tons of salt, butter, and all that other good, but not-so-good-for-your-body jazz.

So when I want to eat restaurant-worthy meals on a regular basis and feel good too, that tends to mean I need to put my apron on more than a few days out of the week. (Or I should say, I should be putting my apron on because whites and me in the kitchen really don’t mix well.)

The only downside to making risotto at home is that it’s time consuming. Traditionally, it utilizes arborio rice, and tons and tons of stirring as liquid is gradually added to the pan. Again, since when you’re the cook and you’re the one in charge, luckily you can do a little cheating, which is what you will do if you are me.

For this risotto, I use fiber-filled brown rice, letting it simmer, uncovered, for the first half of the cooking process. Then, I get to that semi-annoying stirring part, but by that time, it’s fun to watch your creation come to life. I’ve made mine a vegan version, utilizing soymilk, but if your heart desires, feel free to throw a little parmesan on top to finish it off.

However, the succotash combo. leaves this dish with a natural sweetness, no cream required. Sweet corn and fresh lima beans. Mhmm.

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