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Breakfast Socca with Eggs and Greens

Breakfast Socca with Eggs and Greens

If you’re not on the socca train yet, you should grab a ticket this week and get on it. It’s so easy to make, and incredibly tasty in many, many forms.

I’d say socca is akin to pizza crust – only full or protein and nourishment and a little more flavor. Really, you can add any toppings of your desire, including the classic tomato, basil, mozzarella trio that makes a good slice of ‘za. You can get fancy, like in this roasted carrot rendition. Or you can keep it fairly simple like this breakfast version below. And unlike pizza crust, it takes just a handful of minutes to whip up, no rolling pin needed.

Note – if you’re going to grab a ticket for the breakfast route, go for the savory option vs. taking a ride down a sweet socca road. I’ve tried to turn socca batter into blueberry pancakes, and it’s the first time socca’s failed me. Although, I must say, I haven’t totally given up on it in a sweeter form just yet. Future experiments are certainly to be had, and if you find a creation that works, by all means, please share!

Breakfast Socca with Eggs and Greens

As far as savory goes, this is a combination that works. Eggs, greens, and the last of summer’s tomatoes get piled onto a warm, nutty socca canvas. You could add a sprinkle of Parm on top, but it doesn’t even need it. If you’re seeking for more, serve it with a side of sweet potato hash, and a steaming cup of coffee. Magic. Continue Reading…

Savory Japanese Oats

Savory Japanese Oats

“It’s a little too sweet. I’d like it better if it wasn’t so sweet.” “…Classic Grace.”

It’s a common dialogue between my friends and I. It’s also why I rarely order cocktails off a pre-made menu. Why I always opt to add my own sweetener to my yogurt. Order my coffee black. And prefer to make my own granola and salad dressings and desserts.

I don’t trust others to sweeten my food because it always turns out just “a little too sweet”! My friends would disagree with me on this. And I will agree to disagree, on most occasions.


I’m not one of those puzzling non-dessert people. In fact, my sweet tooth can get a little out of hand sometimes. (Cue the disappearance of 1/2 of a dark chocolate bar  after intentions of only eating one square). But I do prefer everything on the bitter side. That means dark chocolate vs. milk. Froyo vs. gelato (a frequent trigger of that quoted dialogue above). Espresso vs. lattes. Beer vs. cocktails. Etc.

I love sugar. Just not in dominating amounts. Which means you’ll rarely find me ordering oatmeal at a restaurant because you’ll rarely find a restaurant serving oatmeal without sugar being the commander of its seasoning. (A spoonful of sugar’s needed to make the oatmeal go down? Some friends would agree with that too.)

Savory Japanese Oats

Often, I don’t want my oatmeal sweetened at all. My new obsession is savory oats, and if you haven’t tested this out yet, I recommend giving it a try.

Going the savory route creates a breakfast that feels so fresh and energizing, it’s hard to turn back. I know soy sauce on oats, and scallions too, might sound strange, but trust me on this one. It’s unique in all the right ways.

Purple Sweet Potato

Unique, kind of like purple sweet potatoes. Are these not gorgeous?! They’re totally worth the splurge at the grocery store if you can afford it, and also find them. To me, that smile that will come after piercing their just-baked skin and seeing their vibrancy is worth it alone.

Purple Sweet Potato

Yes, I play with my food sometimes.

Japanese Savory Oats

Here, the sweet potato adds a little sweetness that pairs well with the heat of the Sriracha and bite of the onion. Sesame and toasted nori continues to infuse the delicate oats so that each bite has a profusion of complimenting flavors. You could easily fry up an egg (or soft boil) and throw it on top for another dimension. Regardless, you’ll end up with an incredible, no-sugar-need bowl of oats that no one will say is “too sweet” and that everyone will say is pretty fantastic. And energizing, too.

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Miso Oat Porridge

Miso Oat Porridge

My sweet tooth doesn’t generally kick in until after breakfast. Unless we’re talking homemade apple pie, I’d rather save the sweet stuff for lunch or dinnertime. This goes not just for crappy sugary cereals, but pancakes and waffles too.

Don’t go all Amanda Bynes on me. I promise you, I do love a big stack of blueberry pancakes fresh off the griddle. However, unless it’s a lazy, off-work morning and nearing close to lunchtime, I usually want to wake up to savory, not sweet.

Miso Oat Porridge

I’ve been seeing a lot of savory takes on oatmeal lately, and given my typical morning temperament, I decided to give one a chance. I chose a recipe from 101 Cookbooks, a blog I’ve been following for quite some time now. The recipes you’ll find there are generally simple but elegant, and always make me want to dive in.

This particular recipe calls for just four ingredients, along with a handful of your chosen toppings. As simple as it is, it really reinvents a morning bowl of oats. Toasty, and slightly salty from the miso, the bowl really becomes what you decide to chop up and throw on top of it.


Funny how just a few posts ago I was pleading for help on what to do with radishes. Now I’m eating them for breakfast.

For this, I went with some fresh herbs and minced onion to compliment the miso, and thinly sliced radishes to add a bite to the subtle, sweet flavor of the butter. Delish. I felt great after eating this, and will be adding it to my morning rotation, radishes and all.

Have you tried any interesting versions of savory oatmeal? I’d love to hear about them!

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Savory BBQ Tacos with Avocado

Vegetarian BBQ Tacos

Like a sunny Saturday, an avocado must never be wasted. Sure, a few brown specks are okay. But you let one sit too long, and you instantly become a fool.

Unfortunately, a fool I have been, many times over. Beneath the glorious bowl of oranges and bananas sitting on my windowsill, I’ve had one too many avocados bury themselves to death. Not good. That luxuriously creamy flesh does not come without a price. And it doesn’t help that this price seems to be stuck on a ski lift forever going up. The sight of $2 per avocado makes me feel anything but warm inside.

However, I will still subject myself to make the occasional splurge every now and then so I can scoop that golden green onto my taco. I’m convinced it’s well-worth the guessing game at the store of choosing the one that won’t be bruised, or the waiting game for the green-skinned one to finally become ripe. One thing is for sure though. Now that avocados are more of a luxury than ever, there’s no way they’ll be slipping into any sort of brown mush from biding their time on my counter.

What does all this avocado talk have to do with this recipe? Well, you see, I bought the avocado listed below to make tacos – a regular occurrence in my kitchen. Cumin, coriander, garlic and onion are my staples for a pinto bean filling. But you also have to have the toppings, avocado being one, along with salsa, lettuce, and maybe some cheese and/or sour cream. I had none of those on-hand except an avocado that was quickly headed past its prime. What I did have was all of the ingredients to make a saucier, BBQ-styled filling, which in my mind, goes just as well with avocado and tortillas.

This was an avocado-saver, and a delicious weeknight meal. I don’t like my BBQ sauces overly sweet, especially in tacos, so these BBQ’d beans err more on the savory side. However, they still have that tomato tang you’d want and expect, and just like standard tacos, help create a package full of flavor. With all the tacos I eat, it’s definitely nice to have the change of pace.

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Sage Pumpkin Hummus

One more pumpkin recipe, then I promise I’ll chill on the pumpkin. With all these recipes, I’m quickly running out of the stockpile I bought – although, I am waiting on my first order of green coffee beans, and I’m totally dreaming of homemade pumpkin lattes after they’re roasted.

Regardless of whether more pumpkin recipes go up anytime soon, I’m sure I’ll be buying more. And you probably should, too.

One cup’s got 7 g’s of fiber and a percentage that’s over 100 times that in terms of your daily needs of vitamin A (760%). Plus, 17% vitamin C and nearly 20% of iron, all for under 85 calories. All that health in one cup feels virtually unheard of during the cold-weathered holidays, the ones that generally mean calories upon calories upon fat upon eggnog upon other canned food you probably don’t want to be eating.

What you do want to be eating is this. Hummus and pumpkin and sage, oh my. I made a spiced pumpkin hummus last year and brought it to some friends who ended up raving about the recipe…Not a surprise given it’s one bowl containing both creamy hummus AND pumpkin.

This version’s a little different, instead inspired by how well the combination of butternut squash and sage turned out in my soup last week. You’ll find the Sage Pumpkin Hummus to be more savory. It tastes exceptionally well on pita with spinach and maybe some crunchy sprouts.

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