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Scrambled Tofu

People always ask me what they should do with their blank canvas block of tofu. Here’s the the thing. Since tofu is pretty much a white canvas ingredient, it lends itself to so many different usages. Like with other mildly flavored starting points, it’s all about the ingredients with which you marry it. You can add a crust of spices and turn it into a pan-fried, protein-centered meal that resembles a moist filet of fish. Or you can transform tofu into a creamy, hearty gratin, so heavenly it will undoubtedly impress your meat-lovin’ friends. Or go for a sweet creation and convert it into a decadent, eggless chocolate¬†mousse.

As long as you don’t gnaw a bite off straight from the package, there’s a great probability that you’ll be able to find a way to enjoy the white stuff.¬†With tofu, you can pretty much cover all the bases. From dinner to dessert, from brunch to lunch, tofu is a transformative ingredient. Today’s tofu-focused recipe is breakfast-oriented, perfect as a hearty protein replacement for eggs, bacon, and all that jazz.

Scrambled tofu is a staple in many veg. diets. Because of it’s consistency, it’s perfect for the forgone eggs that some vegans find themselves craving. While scrambled tofu won’t taste like eggs, it does have an oddly similar texture to the standard scrambled. The key to this dish is to infuse the tofu with tons of flavor. Bland scrambled tofu = no good. But well-seasoned scrambled tofu = superior to ordinary scrambled eggs. Be gentle when stirring in order to keep some of the tofu coarsely crumbled. And feel free to serve with a side of salsa or ketchup if that’s what you associate with scrambled eggs.

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