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Vegan Brussels Sprouts Sliders

Vegan Brussels Sprouts Sliders

Sliders, in Brussels sprout form?! Grainy mustard, marinated tempeh, and most importantly, roasted Brussels sprout buns…how clever!

I stumbled upon a version of this recipe over on the New York Times a few years back, and quickly decided it was Friendsgiving material.
Vegan Brussels Sprouts Sliders

Upon bringing the sliders to a holiday gathering of friends, I was quickly welcomed with similar enthusiasm to that which I held upon hearing of the idea.

“Brussels sprout buns? Genius!”

The plate of sliders was empty almost immediately, and I was both happy (recipe success!) and sad (all that effort gone in a snap!), but mostly happy with how well these turned out.

The recipe was destined for a repeat.

Vegan Brussels Sprouts Sliders

This year, when I was brainstorming what to make for my family’s Thanksgiving, I decided to pull this recipe out of the archives.

Once again, the sliders were an instant hit at the Thanksgiving table and gone long before we sat down to feast. (Although I admit, at least a few of them in went into my stomach before transporting from my kitchen to my sisters.)

I’m sharing this recipe with you now to bookmark for your next holiday feast — whether it’s a Christmas dinner, a New Year’s Eve dinner party, or anything else in between.

These are hands-down delicious. They do take a bit of tedious assembly. However, it’s certainly worth it when you look at the end result — so cute and so tasty, a double win!

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Brussels Sprout Sliders

Brussels Sprout Sliders

If Thanksgiving meal scheming is still taking place in your head, I’m recommending these sliders fill a spot on your menu.

If not, save them for your next holiday gathering. Just don’t forget them.

Brussels Sprout Sliders

Know once you do bring this dish into creation, forget isn’t even possible. NY Times inspired, this recipe makes brussels sprouts one memorable app. If you think like I do, the name alone could’ve told you that.

Brussels Sprout Sliders

As soon as I saw the word “sliders” paired with “brussels sprouts”, this went on the must-make list. Genius!

The New York Times Well blog never fails to round up a solid number of inspiring recipes for its annual “Vegetarian Thanksgiving”. It’s a feature I look forward to every year, and one from which I almost always put to use.

This year, it has me thinking, what other endless combinations of veggie-driven sliders can I create? Thanks for the excellent idea, New York Times. This blog post goes out to you, as does one of the “thank you’s” I’ll be voicing in my head on Thanksgiving.

Brussels Sprout Sliders

These surpassed my expectations, and held together rather easily with the help of a few toothpicks. I did modify the recipe to double the marinade intended for both the sprouts and the tempeh.

Maybe I gave the sprouts too heavy of a dip, but I quickly ran out of the liquid magic that infuses them with flavor in the oven. Perhaps you could give them a lighter coating. Although, I suggest you just double the marinade as suggested below, and allow them to enjoy a nice soak. I found this method to create a rather delicious solution.

Brussels Sprout Sliders Slightly salty, slightly smoky, slightly tangy from that grainy, textured mustard, this is a recipe that layers on all of the best flavors destined to make brussels sprouts a star.

If you didn’t think brussels sprouts could be addicting, then give this a try. Report back because I want to hear the results. Although, I’m pretty sure I already know the answer.   Continue Reading…