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Smoked Salmon Kale Carbonara

Salmon and kale is one combo. I often cannot pass up. Each is a favorite of mine, and together, they make the dream team of nutrition. Filled with a longer list of vitamins than calories per serving, kale’s been on everyone’s grocery list these past few years. It’s been replacing potatoes in the form of chips, it’s been added to the menu of nearly every smoothie place I ever frequent, heck, many are even claiming kale is the new bacon, as our society steadily becomes more food conscious.

And salmon has always been regarded as the king of the crop in the seafood world for its high level of omega 3’s. One serving also provides 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin D, in which recently, more and more studies are revealing a significant portion of Americans are deficient, leading to an array of health consequences.

So both are a great start to creating a meal, particularly when local kale is springing into season and wild varieties of salmon are available. I found this particularly light version of carbonara from the ever-so-useful blogosphere and decided I’d try my hand at making my first kitchen-cooked carbonara. Typically, it’s a sauce made with heavy cream, eggs and often bacon. Since I don’t eat bacon and rarely have cream at my disposal, this altered variation using both kale and smoked salmon seemed like a far superior option for my preferences.

This is a flavorful dish that’s fairly easy to make. I almost preferred the carbonara at room temperature, so I could totally see this as a picnic/potluck item. Just make sure to cook the egg through if you plan on using this dish at such an occasion.

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The Perfect Smoked Salmon Sandwich

Sometimes (well, actually, a lot of times) a satisfying meal can be made without much effort simply by having the right combination of ingredients on hand. For me, the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese is one of those meals.

If I’m eating in at a bagel joint, time and time again I’m bound to order the smoked salmon or lox option. It’s creamy. It’s chewy. It’s salty. It’s satisfying. It’s also a combination that’s easy to recreate at home, and by purchasing a few extra add-ons, like capers and arugula, you can essentially make yourself the “perfect” bagel sandwich.

There’s really not much to it. Just make sure you start with quality bagels. The better the bagel, the more sinful chewing you’ll get to do. “Everything” are my favorite because not only do you get to have the best of so many bagel worlds, but the sesame and onion are ideal compliments of salmon. For the cream cheese, I go with whipped because the airiness works well with the dense salmon. Chive cream cheese is also a nice choice. The arugula helps to cut the saltiness while adding flavor without any of the wateriness that lettuce might add. Dill also keeps things fresh, while the onions and capers keep on packing in the flavor. And there you have the perfect sandwich, requiring nothing more than a few ingredients and some novice positioning skills.

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Smoked Salmon Sandwiches with Avocado Wasabi Spread

I very rarely eat salmon, but I’ve got to admit, it’s one of my favorites as a pescetarian.  I happen to love smoked salmon in almost any form.  One of my favorite ways to utilize it is by placing it on a sandwich.  The following recipe spruces up the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese, while adding in little heart healthy monounsaturated fat from some avocado and ditching the cholesterol, artery-clogging cheese.  With a little healthy crunch (lettuce), kick (wasabi) and a twist (avocado spread), all paired with my favorite wild Alaskan smoked salmon, what more could you ask for in a sandwich?

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