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Asian Tempeh and Sugar Snaps

Sugar snaps are the jackpot of the pea family. They’re as sweet as fresh spring peas, but their entire pod is edible. If you’ve ever spent some time shelling peas, you know this is a godsend. Sugar snaps’ pods also pack them with an extra boost of nutrition, for instance 150% more vitamin C than regular garden peas. They’re comparable to snow peas, only far more sugary and delicious. I.e., the golden jackpot of the pea family, especially when it comes to stir-fry.

Here, I’ve spruced them up with some of the classic flavors of Asian cuisine – soy sauce, hoison sauce, and sesame oil. Tempeh takes to these flavors well, too, generating an almost “meaty” consistency for this vegetarian dish.

For the spring season, sugar snaps generally peak around June, so be on the lookout at your local farmer’s markets in the upcoming weeks. I know I’ll be looking to purchase more of these perfect pods.

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