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Veggie Buffalo Wings

Veggie Wings

“I’m craving veggie wings. They were soo good.” I received this text from a high school friend about a week after she visited me in Philly. While she was up, I took her to El Camino where I assured her she had to try the veggie wings — crispy fried seitan smothered in spicy buffalo sauce, served with a side of the best blue cheese dip I’ve ever tasted. While hesitant in ordering them, she was hooked, not once touching her smoked turkey BLT until the plate was empty.

El Camino’s veggie wings might have to be my favorite snack to get out in Philly. I can’t eat the majority of the other meat-heavy, Tex-Mex options on the menu, but the veggie wings keep me a frequent customer at the No Libs restaurant.

My non-veg. friend actually introduced me to them, raving about the fact that they were better than any of the actually chicken one’s he’d ever had. He too has become a regular customer, and not for their focal BBQ, but for their highly addictive seitan wings.

Ever since my first taste, I’ve been bringing all my friends with me to feel the veggie heat alongside a cold brew. Recently, however, I decided to explore making my own, allowing me get my hands a little saucy without ever stepping out of my own kitchen.

A few weeks ago, I came across this recipe for “Seitan Hot Wings” in Vegetarian Times. It had been Scotch-taped to my bedroom wall ever since, until the other day when I ripped it off and took it with me to the kitchen. After making a batch of homemade seitan (for this particular one, I actually tested out VT’s version), I decided to utilize it in my current favorite usage of seitan — thanks to El Camino, that would be the veggie wing. These weren’t quite the crispy wings in which I got hooked, but this baked version was still entirely glorious. Plus, I can guarantee there’s a whole lot less oil going on these than the one’s I get out. While I’ll still remain a regular customer at El Camino (you can’t beat someone else preparing and plating your favorite snack for you), this will definitely become a repeat recipe. Oh, and did I mention these would make the perfect Super Bowl snack?

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