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Hasselback Sweet Potatoes

In the culinary world, Hasselback is currently becoming hipper than a home-brewed hipster right now. The cooking technique, which originates from a restaurant in Sweden called Hasselbacken, turns a potato into a cross between a baked fry and a baked potato. It’s got the crispy outsides you envision of a fry, but the soft insides of a foil-wrapped spud, and the display it generates is great.

Testing out this technique on sweet potatoes, I was pleasantly surprised with what I would label as heaven on a plate. It’s no wonder new versions are popping up all over websites like FoodGawker. For my first attempt, I used a classic combination of brown sugar and salt, adding a hint of smoked paprika and cayenne for some smoky spice. It was simple but perfect, and oh so fun to eat.

If I can give myself a few more nights of sweet potato noshing before the spring season fully kicks in, I’ll definitely be playing with this technique some more. Picture melted Parmesan or garlic wedged in between each slice before hitting the oven, or arugula and toasted nuts as added embellishments after the roasting is complete. I could dream of a million fun combinations, but right now, some outdoor play is calling my name. Enjoy!

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