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Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup

I get an email from my mom earlier this week relaying my grandpa has the flu, my grandma is about to undergo surgery, and that I should probably find a new spot to purchase avocados. It’s good to hear my grandma’s surgery is not considered high risk, though it’s possible my avocado buying is. Also good to know my very first blog reader is still tuning in, one that’s looking out for me, too.

You see, after my mom got around to reading my last post containing avocadoes, she wanted to let me know $2.00 was a crazy price to pay when she was at home getting the green gold for 88 cents a pop. Unfortunately, her go-to grocery store doesn’t exist in Philadelphia, and I’m stuck paying the price of a whole happy meal nearly every time I need to indulge in an avocado. Yes, my mom’s right. One avocado for $2 does seem a bit ridiculous. But the thought of putting that money towards a McDonald’s burger doesn’t even cross my mind. At least I can be fully satisfied with my double dollar purchase every time it goes towards quality food.

I guess there weren’t enough guac-makers this Super Bowl season because right after the occasion, every store I walked into held a doorway display of avocadoes. Of course I couldn’t walk by without grabbing few, which ultimately triggered this recipe. Avocadoes are a perfect and necessary tortilla soup topper.

Tortilla soup is light and brothy. It’s the kind of meal that will be there for you when you need a little detox. However, it’s certainly not a meal deprived of flavor. Lime, cilantro and jalapeno team up to create one invigorating bowl of soup. The avocado and cheddar cheese toppings add just a touch of richness, and with the crunchy tortilla strips, pack each bowl with satisfaction.

If you can dedicate the avocado, this should rank high among your other soup recipes this season.

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