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Spinach Salad with Warm Dijon Dressing and Poached Eggs

I’m definitely a salad girl. But please don’t think that means five bites of lettuce later and I’m satisfied. If that’s the case, there better be a plate of pasta to follow or some other hearty (but healthful) meal on its way. However, I can definitely rock a salad for lunch and often do when I’m feeling the need for something on the lighter side. (Hello too many Christmas cookies overtaking my breakfasts, lunches and dinners…). To complete the meal though, there better be toppings resting upon those crunchy leaves, and please, no iceberg. Iceberg is for airheads.

When I’m really in the mood for something special, I’ll whip up my own dressing. Warm dressings are my favorite because they help to tenderize the salad leaves, which is particularly favorable for spinach. With this vinaigrette, I used shallots, which are full in flavor and eliminate the need for too much fat, keeping this particular salad even lighter. By all means, feel free to add a few more toppings to make this a meal a little more robust, however, the dressing will speak for itself here and is suitable for a simple, poached egg. Otherwise, pair with a bowl of warm soup to finish filling up your tummy with a warm and guilt-free meal.

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