Turtle Mountain’s Dairy Free Coconut and Soy Products

Not too long ago, I was fortunately given the opportunity to test out a selection of Turtle Mountain’s dairy free coconut products.  Dairy-free ice cream, yogurt, milk, and more, this company had me excited to gulp down some coconut (and soy)!  So let’s get to the products.  Of the ones I had the chance to sample, there were some definite hits and some relative misses.

So Delicious Coconut Milk

The Verdict: Not a fan

The Taste: Reminded me of real coconut milk (the full fat kind in the can), but in a much more watered down form.

Bottom Line: Unless you have specific allergies, I’d stick to soy milk or almond milk.  But if you’re vegan and have both nut and soy allergies, than sure, give it a try.  The milk does naturally contain MCFAs, which seem to have become a hot topic in the health world lately.  Some claim MCFAs, a.k.a. medium chain fatty acids, are a “good fat” and are more easily absorbed, digested, and converted into energy by the body.  While the Coconut Milk contains 25% saturated fat per serving, 65% of that is sourced from MCFAs.

So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer

The Verdict:  Wasn’t a huge hit for me either

The Taste: I found the French Vanilla creamer to be far too sweet and not rich enough to fulfill my cream desires. The original creamer tasted like the coconut milk, watered down and bland.

The Bottom Line: I actually don’t often add cream to my coffee/tea, but for those few times I do, I’d rather stick with the real stuff-  As in full-fat coconut milk or a traditional creamer.

Purely Decadent Coconut Ice Cream

The Verdict: This was a product I can generally stand behind

The Taste: All the creaminess of milk-derived ice cream with subtle hints of coconutty goodness.  A tad too sweet for my liking, but tasty nonetheless.

The Bottom Line: Go for the Cookie Dough variety— Coconut ice cream swirled with dark chocolate and infused with large globs of cookie dough. Skip the Green Tea variety. Although I like the unique idea, the green tea flavor was weak and rather made the ice cream taste like a vanilla coconut flavor with some strange, unidentifiable aftertaste.

Purely Decadent Soy Ice Cream

The Verdict: My favorite of all the products I sampled

The Taste: Even creamier than the coconut ice cream, and no distinct soy taste that many soy-derived ice cream products contain

The Bottom Line: Go for the Peanut Butter Zig Zag, a chocolate-based ice cream swirled with sweet peanut butter ribbons and dark chocolate flakes. This was super tasty and addictive. Perfect for peanut butter lovers.

So Delicious Plain Coconut Milk Yogurt

The Verdict: I found this to be mediocre. I’m not a fan of sugary flavored yogurts (I like to add my own fresh fruit), but I wouldn’t doubt that the fruit-flavored varieties would be comparable to a regular yogurt.

The Taste: Bland with that same diluted coconut flavor of some of the other products. Decently creamy but not quite as smooth as regular yogurt, similar to the consistency of most soy yogurts.

The Bottom Line: I definitely prefer regular yogurt over this, but for vegans, the taste might be a tad better than most soy yogurts I’ve tried. If I were to eat this yogurt, I’d probably go with a flavored variety, something I don’t really care for, and thus I probably wouldn’t personally buy this product.

So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream Sandwiches

The Verdict: A tasty, portion-controlled treat

The Taste: The chocolate cookies tasted just like those that smash the ice cream between a typical ice cream sandwich, soft, moist and chocolaty, and supplied the dominate flavor for the sandwiches

The Bottom Line: Low-fat, 90 calories, and delicious. I love that these are small, and allow you to easily keep your dessert course in check. Go for the Neapolitan if you’re indecisive like me, and want to sample three different flavors within one small sandwich.

Overall Verdict: Stick with the creamy ice creams and steer clear of the liquids.

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    January 5, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    I must say I am surprised by this review. So Delicious coconut milk beverages are the best-tasting alternative to dairy I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tried them all!) They don’t taste at all like canned coconut milk, in fact, I hardly detect a coconut flavor at all. And their coconut milk creamer (I like the original) is the best thing to have happened to my coffee since I stopped using dairy. I realize that people have different taste perceptions, but I hate to think that someone might not want to try these amazing products after reading this review, and I wanted to let your readers know that I think they’re the best.

  • Reply
    The Candid RD
    January 6, 2011 at 6:49 am

    I really wish I could eat coconut, because I love these products, especially the coconut kefir. They make me bloated though 🙁 Great review!

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