A Vegetarian Indian Feast

So that’s a wrap for the collection of vegetarian Indian recipes I’m sharing this week. The next time you have a lazy Sunday afternoon, consider hopping in the kitchen with a friend and turning it into a productive and delicious Indian celebration. Try out all or any combination of the recipes listed below to create your own Indian feast. Also, if time allows, you may want to consider adding on a creamy vegetable curry to the list, and maybe pick up some Nan (an Indian bread) at the store. I’ve got a coconut milk curry recipe that I’m still tweaking, so look for it on the list in the near future!

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    Nicole, RD
    March 25, 2011 at 9:43 am

    I have to checkout that eggplant curry…yum! I am like you…if I’m going to make Indian, I want a feast! It’s so fun and so rewarding. 🙂 Oh, and of course, delicious!

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