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Artichokes with Creamy Vegan Dipping Sauce

I caught the tail end of artichoke season and finally succumbed to buying one of the steeply priced suckers.  I guess the flight from California orients the price tag, sending it a little out of my range. But the taste of an artichoke definitely proves worthy of a splurge, at least for one occasion during the season.

A simple steam and lemon oil/butter is really all you need to savor the delightful flavor of an artichoke.  Easy.

The steam part is definitely an essential. Unless you’re trying to get down with a tough, pointy thistle, artichokes need more than a little steamy lovin’ to loosen up their juicy goodness.  What you decide to pair the leaves with is when you can get creative.  As I just mentioned, a lemony oil/butter sauce is always a no-fail solution.  But there are tons of other easy-to-prepare sauces that go well with their unique flavor.

The one below was inspired by my roommate who is much more well-educated on how to use Mayonnaise than I am. She has showed me how well the ingredient can be used to create simple-to-make and addicting sauces.  Yeah, the whipped white stuff is gross when plain.  But add some spice, and voilà. I decided to create a vegan rendition of a curried mayo-sauce she once made, and paired it with the artichokes I bought.  Even Vegenaise isn’t the healthiest ingriedient, but when used sparingly to compliment a simply steamed, 60-calorie artichoke, it’s not looking too shabby.  A little oil certainly never hurt anyone.  (Ask yoga teacher Ana Forrest and she’ll tell you it’ll help keep you body loose.)

My roommate refused to tell me her recipe, but I believe my recreation turned out quite similarly, so now I can share it with the world (ahahaha).  The result makes me wish it wasn’t the end of artichoke season.  Although, I do believe the sauce would pair perfectly with asparagus…and broccoli…and all the other veggies on their way to my garden.
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