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Dijon Tempeh Bacon

I’ve been craving tempeh bacon ever since I made it the first time. I’m often tempted to buy the pre-packaged brands for a quick fix when I pass them in the store. But rarely do I actually reach for those over-salted, bland-in-comparison varieties, instead opting for plain tempeh so I can make my own. Homemade tempeh bacon is by far superior in flavor and is really quite simple to make. If you can get past the marinade time, tempeh bacon is as simple as a little flick of the wrist. Throw some seasonings into a bowl, give it a good whisk, and voila. All that needs to be done from there is a quick baking session to crisp those soy strips up, and then meatless (but delicious) bacon is all yours.

I varied my last bacon recipe just a tinge so I could test out some new flavors. Equally effortless, equally delicious. Enjoy.


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Tempeh Bacon Sandwich

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of dining out at some of Philadelphia’s best vegan restaurants. At a couple of these places in particular, I have yet to ever find myself disappointed with the food. Fresh, meat-free ingredients are cooked up in a way that makes vegan gourmet, creating dishes that are palatable to even the pickiest of eaters. It’s restaurants like Horizons, turning seitan into the most juicy, succulent, meaty form of meatless protein possible, that are capable of changing the minds of those that lament vegetarian food. One of Philadelphia’s newest, Blackbird Pizzeria, also does a mighty fine job at creating vegan comfort food, enabling those who would normally turn their nose up at tofu to go home raving about their meatless meal. The chefs in restaurants such as these have inspired me in my own cooking, leading me to occasionally whip up my own epicurean vegan food. And with that, I leave you with my latest kitchen creation, a gourmet vegan, tempeh-based sandwich that really hits the spot.

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