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Creamy Vegan Corn Chowder

I never noticed how sweet corn was until this chowder. Upon first taste, I was hit with such a creamy sugariness that I found it almost hard to remember what kind of vegetable I was cooking with. Though, it’s a different sweetness than fruit. Different than the veggie’s candy corn counterpart, too. Instead, it’s a palate-cleansing sort of sweetness. One that pairs well with the acidity of a nice tomato, basil, mozzarella salad, or with a potent herb like parsley, the one that lightens up the rich sweetness of this soup. It’s a sweetness that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with, and spawns me to blend this creamy concoction every summer.

Many late August’s ago, one of the very first creations I ever pulled together in my parents’ kitchen was an early variation of this recipe. Cornstarch at the time was not in my vocabulary, and I remember my superwoman mom coming in to save the day and thicken my soupy mess together. To my surprise, the ending bowl turned out rather well. It was a shock for me to discover how much flavor could be extracted from just a handful of ingredients. Perhaps that’s what ignited the cooking fire in me. The idea that I didn’t need to learn how to mix together ten trillion ingredients to make something tasty. To this day, I still find simplicity to be key. At least within my own kitchen. When the ingredients are fresh, I want a meal where nearly all of them can shine, each complimenting each other in straighforward yet unique ways. This is one of those recipes that really allows all of the multifaceted dimensions of corn to come through. Corn on the cob is fantastic. But to unleash the real sweetness that lays within each of those little kernels, you’ll find a little shake in the blender becomes a miracle.

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