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Baked Curried Carrot Chips

Baked Curried Carrot Chips

Carrots have been my jam lately. As has putting a spritz of lime in my water. (Seriously – this simple step can amazingly brighten up your whole afternoon.)

But carrots came before the lime. Before the warm, spring days graciously showing up this month. Rather, the under-appreciated carrot was my winter staple.

When fresh, seasonal produce is at its lowest, the carrot is good choice to turn to. Like sweet potatoes, carrots keep well and can be stored in your fridge for seemingly weeks on end. I’ve definitely lost carrots to the back of a bottom messy shelf, and after rediscovering them 4 weeks later, was still able to munch on them for an afternoon snack. I am known to often eat the orange sticks by the stick. String cheese, no thank you, but carrot sticks, yes please! Just a simple wash and scrub, and then bugs-bunny-style becomes my own style. It’s something my friends have always busted me about, not seeming to find the same allure in raw carrots as I do.

Carrot Chips

However, they lend themselves well to easily be spruced up as well. Take the carrot chip recipe you’ll see below. Shortly after making Ginger Pickled Carrots, I came across this recipe on Oh My Veggies. It immediately went on my Pinterest. (Yes, this food blogger finally got on Pinterest, and I may very well be one of the last ones to do so. Forgive my lack of boards. I’m working on it…)

These looked fun, and carrots are cheap, so I figured it’d be a win-win recipe. Which it was. Similar to how I feel with kale chips, the recipe yielded an insanely addictive version of a vegetable. Plus, they were fairly simple to make and would look oh so cute as an accompaniment to a lunch for your friends. Who would’ve thought you’d be impressing company with carrots?

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Curried Cauliflower

Today’s Indian dish is one of my favorites. It centers around that wrinkly brain of a veggie known as cauliflower. Cauliflower is kind of like the white rice of the vegetable kingdom. It’s inherently subtle flavor will take on the taste of pretty much any ingredient you pair it with. So if you like Indian food, cooking the veggie with Indian-styled spices will mean a victory for your taste buds.

In this recipe, there’s also the option of using half broccoflower, a cross between broccoli and cauliflower. The broccoflower isn’t essential but will add a nice hint of green to the dish. It’s flavor errs on the side of cauliflower, rather than broccoli, meaning it too will nicely melt into all of the surrounding flavors. Serve as a side dish with a handful of fresh cilantro tossed on top.

Curried Cauliflower

Serves 6

-1 head of cauliflower and 1 head of broccoflower, cut into small flowerets (may use all cauliflower or all broccoflower)
-2 Tbsp. olive oil
-2 1/2 tsp. brown mustard seeds
-1 – 2 whole dried red chilis
-2 tsp. turmeric
-1/2 cup water or more, if needed
-1 14.5 oz. can diced tomatoes
-Salt, to taste
Saute mustard seeds in oil until they begin to pop.  Then add chilies and turmeric and saute, stirring, until aromatic, not burnt.  Add cauliflower & broccoflower flowerets and water, stir, and lower heat. Cover pot with lid and steam veggies for a few minutes.  Then uncover, and stir in tomatoes. Cover pot for a few more minutes until veggies are tender but not overcooked.  Add salt to taste starting with 1/2 tsp.