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Italian Feta Black Bean Burgers

Black Bean Feta Burgers

I could not be more excited about this 70ish spring weather! My scarf and hat needed a break (and likely a trip to the laundromat as well). I’m also enjoying the motivation to get my booty outside and running.

I’m training for my first 10-miler. I’ve been a runner since high school, but for some reason, the thought of 10-miles still makes me weary. I know my legs can make it, but my mind’s an entity of its own. It’s made my training process a little slow-growing…

City running generally gets boring to me after mile three. Not enough trees or obstacles. I’ll push myself two more miles, but much more after that and my mind starts going crazy. I start yelling inside my head at all the oblivious dog-walkers on the street and then fight with myself about how those are not so nice or productive thoughts. I love dogs, but seriously, your pooches needn’t take up the whole path. City sidewalks aren’t royal runways for your dog. But what’s the use of letting those things get to me, right? If I have to slow down to dodge a person simply enjoying the weather, so what.

Gah…the conversations I have with myself while trying to keep my feet running and my mind distracted. If only Philly had more running trails. Luckily, I’m sure the race will provide plenty of people watching to keep me entertained for at least a few miles. People watching is a personal favorite spring and summer activity of mine.

Another favorite warm weather pursuit? Making burgers. Burgers just breathe springtime to me, even when they’re not made on the grill. I mixed things up with this one by adding feta, and then using whole chickpeas for a textural experience. I really liked the crunch from the chickpeas. Just don’t go overboard when adding them in, or they’ll dominate in flavor. As I’ve suggested below (though not pictured), consider sautéing the onions before topping off your burger. The sweetness with the feta is totally worth the extra step.

Black Bean Feta Burgers

Click here for recipe…

Vegan Nacho Pizza

Nacho + pizza = a sublime combination. Deeply craving pizza, I decided to whip up a pie that would satisfy my appetite without involving globs of unhealthy cheese. I decided to turn to Daiya, my new and only favorite vegan cheese. I paired the creamy “cheese” with another buttery ingredient, avocado. Can you say heaven? Um, yes! Who says a pizza needs cheese? And who says a vegan pizza need to be ridden of “cheese”? Neither are the least bit true, my friend. Finished with a few jalapenos to just slightly cut some of the richness, this pizza was an absolute winner.

Vegan Nacho Pizza

-1-14 inch pizza crust
3/4 cup to 1 cup pizza sauce (I like my pizza saucy, so I lean more towards the 1 cup)
-1 cup cheddar Daiya cheese
-Garlic powder
-Dried oregano
-Jarred jalapenos, handful
-1/2 avocado, thinly sliced

Roll out dough and bake according to instructions, removing just before dough is completely cooked. Spread sauce across crust, and sprinkle with garlic powder. Top with Daiya cheese and sprinkle with oregano. Scatter jalpenos across pizza. Return to oven and bake until cheese is almost melted, about 5 minutes. Remove and spread avocado slices across pizza. Bake an additional minute. Serve.